Sunday, November 19, 2006


Another Elvis show coming up!

Danny Vernon as Elvis
Danny Vernon as Elvis, 31 Aug 2006

I have really enjoyed Danny Vernon's "Illusions of Elvis" shows and when I learned he will be returning to the Northern Lights Casino in December for a Christmas show, I wanted to get tickets. Patty is a real Elvis fan but she has never had the opportunity to see one of the impersonators, so she was also willing to make sure we got tickets. My son & DIL, M & J, also enjoy him as do J's parents, so M met us at the casion on Friday when it opened at 11 so we could be near the first in line for tickets. We each were able to get four tickets for free, which is a very good price.

After getting the tickets we ate lunch at the casino. Pat & I tried the seafood buffet while M had a Caesar salad. We then looked around the casino but managed to get away without spending any money on the slot machines. The Elvis show will not be until Dec. 21st but it will be in the Cabaret room which is a much smaller and more intimate venue than the one I attended Aug. 31st in the much larger bingo room. I will take my camera and this time have a fast 50mm lens that should allow some good photos, especially in that room.

Our weather has been something else. Seattle has broken the all time record for rainfall in the month of November and is now setting a new record almost daily as more is added. Last Wednesday we had very strong winds and it looks this morning like the wind is picking up again although it isn't expected to be as strong as it was Wed. I guess this is winter in the northwest and since I will be spending it here this year I need to get used to it. There will be more before it gets better.

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Oooh, so much rain ... please send it our way, we need it so badly. We have had below average rainfall for some years now, and it is getting quite serious. Our water reserves are getting dangerously low, in most of the country.
Hope Pat enjoys the Elvis show as much as you did, and do.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow
I'd gladly volunteer some of the rain we've been having, wouldn't you agree, Dick? :)

I'm really looking foward to the Elvis pictures after the concert. I bet they're going to be great.
I hope you enjoy the show. I"m looking forward to the photos
Alright on the Elvis show. We have one of the popular Elvis impersonators heading our way in late February giving a full week of performances here in Little Rock. His name is Eddie Miles - check him out at the following link and see what you think.

This Is Eddie Miles

Be sure and click on the "Sound Clips" and give him a listen. Myself and my sisters plan on attending one of his shows.
Hey, I wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement on my blog. Things are definitely getting better for my husband and I. I think besides talking, we really needed time together. And that is working out now. Also, I have been very happy to see that you have found someone to spend time with. You look very happy.
Hope you have a great time at the concert, Dick. Can't wait to see the pictures when you're prepared with a faster camera.

Sorry about all the rain you're getting right now, but I suppose you'll get what the good Lord sends either way.

I tried to comment earlier today but kept getting an error page from Blogger when I tried to comment.

Have a great Thanksgiving, Dick. :-)
HI Dick
Hope you both have a lovely night at the Elvis Show.
Oh that sounds like fun.
Ive never seen an elvis impersonation show. However, we do have a guy at our Karaokee Barr that does a darned good Elvis sans rhinestone suit.
Hi Dick..Hope you are keeping well,
the first time I visited your blog
you had been to an Elvis show,so I'm looking forward to pictures of
this one.
Hope you both enjoy!!
Great news about the tickets. I'm sure you guys will enjoy yourselves. We are getting a lot of wind and rain here as well. More than usual, but it is supposed to be clear for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Turkey Day!
Happy Thanksgiving, Dick! And I'm so happy for you!
Yep it has definately been a tad bit wet! Have a good Thanksgiving DIck.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hay! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Dick!
Hi Dick - I know you only through your comments to Meno, but now I'm intrigued to read more. My best friend just bought a 1992 Mazda Miata, and my other good friend was just serenaded by an Elvis impersonator at the L.A. Zoo. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Congrats on the lovely girlfriend, too. I think you'll do great at Thanksgiving. I only wish my mom would meet a dude like yourself and get some kicks in. Though she doesn't do Priscilla.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy the day by counting your blessings!!
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