Monday, November 13, 2006


Another play that we attended

Here is another photo of Pat and I that was taken in the same session as the other one:

Pat and Dick

She took me to the McIntyre Hall here in Mount Vernon last Saturday night to see the play, "Seussical the musical" that was presented there by the local META Performing Arts group. It was a great play and very well done, with a cast of 50 or so, most of which were children. The main child character is probably not over ten years old but she did a fantastic job in the role of Jojo. I guess this play has been presented on stage in New York but this version was done locally with local folks. McIntyre Hall is a very good theater that is located on the local college campus.

This is a scan of the cover of the program from the play.

Tomorrow I am going to my local clinic to get a flu shot. I am allergic to having holes poked in me but Pat says I should get one. Isn't it amazing what a guy will do if the right girl asks him to?

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It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your new lady, I am happy for you.

Thanks for praying for my niece, each prayer helps.
I'm glad you found someone to spend time with. You and Pat make a nice couple
My daughter's school did that play last year, it was wonderful!
Another great pic of the two of you Dick! And that play sounds like fun.
Dick, As you know I have not been around much so there was so much for me to catch up on here.
My heart smiled as I read your last entries and looked at the pictures you shared of you and
Pat. Your smile radiates your happiness. It is great to see the two of you found each other and
may your days continue to be filled with happiness and good health.
I hope you continue to enjoy eachothers company. You make a cute couple. The Seussical looks like fun!
My thoughts are with SW. What an awful loss to deal with in such a short space of time.
As for the flu shot...Nurses take theirs standing. We can take what we dish out! LOL
Dick, I'm happy for you & Pat.
Are you going to Arizona for the winter?
Another great picture! It seems you two are doing very well. :)


Thailand Gal
Hi Dick
Nice Photo
you and Pat look very happy and contented in the photo.hope everything keeps going well for you both. take care
What a great pic of the two of you. And good job getting your flu shot. You might want to think about getting the pneumonia one too. Maybe you should just head to a warmer climate for the winter in an RV.
You two look happy! Just think, she was right under your nose when you were searching the internet! I'll have to get KeeWee & Mary Lou and go shopping and meet up with you and Pat for coffee again!!
She looks like she's about 15 to 20 years older than you!
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