Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Nasty four letter word!

I live on the west side of the Cascade Mountain range where our climate is largely controlled by the large pond of water to the west of us known as the Pacific Ocean. That large pond usually gives us quite a bit of precipitation but also fairly warm temperatures. But once in awhile we get a winter blast of cold air from up north (thanks, Jude in Alberta!) and when it meets the moisture from the Pacific, we get some snow. This time we got too much.

It started sticking Sunday afternoon. Pat & I went into Starbucks for our mochas and noticed while there that the snow had started to stick and build up outside. There was about an inch of it when we drove home about 14:00. It didn't stop and there was more the next day, snowing pretty much all of Monday. By Monday evening, when it finally did stop, we had about ten inches of the stuff. Then it turned cold, with overnight temps around 14F or less. Yesterday it never got above freezing, even though it was sunny and beautiful. So, of course there was not much snow melting. I did take a few photos yesterday in the neighborhood and will share some with you.

Snow 01
This is the street in front of my house. The photo was taken not long after sunrise. That is Little Mountain in the background, the landmark that my park is named for. See what I mean, that we have way tooooo much of the stuff?

Snow 02
This view is from the same location but I turned 180 degrees to look to the west. There is still too much snow in that direction, also.

Snow 03
We have a lot of evergreen trees in Washington State but don't very often see them covered with snow where I live. This one has about as much as it can hold without breaking it's branches. We are lucky that our utilities are all underground so don't have to worry about power outages very often.

Snow 04
My house is in a culdesac in the lower part of the park and I have houses behind my back yard. Pat called early to tell me to look to the east at the sunrise. I did and it was beautiful. By the time I got the camera it was already loosing it's glory but the glow did still photograph pretty well. This is looking across my deck in the back yard from my bedroom window (you didn't expect me to go out there in that stuff, did you?) and you can see some of the s**w that is out there. The house isn't as close as it looks to be but this does show how a telephoto lens compresses distances.

We plan to venture out with the car soon to make a trip to Haggen's grocery store and of course a stop at Starbucks for a mocha. Our weather report calls for about four more inches of snow this afternoon before the temperature goes up and it will come down in rain. Then it will get real sloppy as all that snow turns to slush. Maybe we can get out again by the weekend. Anyone want some excess snow?

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Oh send it my way! I'm anxiously waiting for our veil of white to descend.

Great pictures!
Beautiful pictures. Now if it just does not melt too fast for you. Here, when it's a fast melt, is when we get the worst flooding. We had an inch or two of snow two days and each time it would melt in the afternoon. Snow is pretty but does make a person feel housebound after awhile.
Gorgeous pictures, Dick! I love snow, and we may get some of our own Thursday and Friday. Of course we're forecast to get storms and tornadoes on Thursday before the snow and ice gets here. We'll take what the good Lord sends, I guess.

Hope all is well with you and Pat and Huggy. Be careful on those icy roads when you get out. :-)
I'll take some! I'm in Southern Cali and I really don't know what that stuff looks or feels like!

Dick, you sound so happy and upbeat, lately! It's wonderful! :)
I worked 17 hours Monday because of it, but I still love it. It is really windy right now and I hope the power doesn't go out.
Well...certainly looks like a pretty snow. Don't envy you however. That weather is about an hour away from us here in Little Rock. Just a small amount of snow forcasted here thank goodness. Of course, the grocery stores will pay the price as usual with the onslaught of bread and milk attackers.

It's times like these when it just absolutely grand to be retired because you don't have to get out in it unless you just want too.
Hello Dick

Great pics as always , your sunset one was really pretty , if you were outside you would have shivered and lost focus (haha)
I am with you on the four letter word SNOW yuck , tis pretty to the eye but that is about it .
Love the pics in the last post of the trees ,lovely thanks for sharing

Ack! Don't send it our way. We've got enough already. :)
Hi Dick,

Well, when it snows the thing to do is get out in it and play!

Shoveling out the driveway doesn't count. Almost, but it doesn't count. I hope you enjoy your snow while you can. After all, it could be another 20 years before you get this much again. L
What??? You didn't get out and make snowmen and snow angels??

And hey I didn't send the SNOW your way, we were still getting blasted with it here yet when you got it! LOL Blame Santa..... or better yet, maybe it came from Alaska to both of us! Haha

Your pictures are really lovely. And that's not too much snow..... you should see what we got. ;-)
Really lovely pictures. You live in a very pretty area.
It was pretty though wasn't it? I love your pictures, especially the sunrise one.
Beautiful pictures Sir.
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