Thursday, November 09, 2006


Pat and I

My life has been good the last few weeks, and Pat is the main reason for that. My neighbor took this photo of us with my camera and I want to share it with all of you. Here is Pat and I:


My area (the Pacific Northwest) has been having a lot of rain recently but the rivers are finally receeding and we have had a couple days with little rain to add to it. My house is located at over 200' elevation so I have had no problems from flooding. The next storm is due to arrive tonight, but there are also cooler temperatures so much of what falls in the mountains should be in the form of snow. That will reduce the volume of water that reaches the rivers and streams right away. The offical amount of rainfall in two days in Seattle was nearly 9 inches. November is usually the rainiest month of the year here but the normal average is less than 6 inches, for the whole month. So in two days we exceeded by about 50% what we normally have for the month.

My older son should be back soon from his boating trip on his Navy ship. It will be good to see him again. He missed his son's 13th birthday party but should be able to spend time with him again soon.

I am still going to the YMCA at least three times a week for my exercise class and watching my diet. So far since starting into this about two months ago I have lost 15 pounds and feel like I am in better condition. Pat also watches what she eats and is now helping me to do the same. A couple of times I have suggested we share a desert and she gently points out that neither of us really needs one. She is good for me in so many ways. I am very lucky.

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Oh, Pat is a very nice-looking woman with that sparkle in her eye. :)

I'm glad you have met her and will look forward to more posts about your adventures together.


Thailand Gal
You make a very sweet couple, Dick. I hope you're very happy together. Ignore those with negative remarks. What's most important is that YOU are happy with Pat, and she is happy with you.

Keep us posted on your happenings, and love on Huggy for me. ;D
You make a great looking couple and how great that you found each other. Gave me a big smile to see your picture together :)
Well aren't you two cute!
15 pounds! Color me impressed. It's great to see you with such a big smile.
Hi Dick
And Welcome Pat !!!! you are a great looking couple and Dick I can see a change in your weight from all your photos ,LOOKING GOOD !!!!Be good to one another and hopefully we will get lots and lots of updates ,nice to seee you Happy .
Pat ,You got a good one !!!

HUGS for Huggy
Mr. Mocha
I emailed you, Dick. Hopefully you'll get it soon? How fun to see a picture of you and Pat together. Amazing how much to two look alike! That's a really good sign. She looks like she has a real good outlook on life.
Wow, she's got a great figure!!! Lucky lucky - both of you... Can't wait to hear more about your adventures together.
Thats a wonderful picture! You both look so happy.
Dick, just wanted to mention ~ in case you've been too busy to notice ~ (wink, wink)..

Nelson DeMille has a new book out. Looks like it will be a good one. It is based on the "secret society" conspiracy theories. Can't wait to sit down and read it.


Thailand Gal
I know how it is with the rain, I am visiting Susan in Maple Ridge where it seems to be raining continueously these last few days. It is still dry in Oliver and the desert country but I have to help with the inside renovation job.

Pleased to meet Pat. that is a nice name and is also my wifes name.
Hey, Im in one of those so called secret societies. Us Freemasons, our biggest secret is not advertising what a great organisation it is and how much we do for society.
Hi again, I learned the other day, that since Dan Brown's "DaVinci Code" membership in the Masons has started to increase, maybe I should read it and less blogging
Sorry I'm so slow here Dick, just got back online as I have my new computer up and running. :)

What a lovely picture of you and Pat! Wow, it's the smiles on your faces and in your eyes that tell the story. ;)
Go Dick go! What a lovely photo. :)
Kudos on the weight loss. I am proud of you for keeping it up. Nice pic of you and Pat. Really sweet!

Our weather has been crazy. Almost 80 one day then down to the 50's the next.
What a wonderful photo, Dick ... you two look so happy together. Just the look on your face makes me smile ... you look so radiant. Thank you, Pat, for making Dick so happy ... it's great to see.
You sure have had a lot of rain ... please send some over to here ... we really need more. It has rained some, but nothing particularly substantial.
Hope you have a wonderful week.
A question .... does Huggy like Pat as much as you do ?? That's always a sign !!
Take care, friend, and look after yourself .... Meow
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