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Little Mountain Estates Christmas Party, 2006

Little Mountain Estates held their annual Christmas party on Tuesday night, Dec. 12th. Pat and I attended along with many others who live in the park. The food was listed as just being "finger food" but we sure were able to make a good dinner out of it and I only ate one cookie and some fudge.

LME Christmas party 05
The ladies of the park do a good job of decorating for the event. This is a general scene showing a few of the tables and some of the people who were there.

Pat had a new "little black dress" that she iniated at this event and she really looked great in it. It is probably a good thing that we didn't have to walk too far to get to the clubhouse where the party was though as it is winter in the northwest and the little dress doesn't keep one very warm. But it sure looks good.

LME Christmas party 01
Pat and Dick at the party.

LME Christmas party 02
Here we are at our table. My neighbor, D. T., took these photos of the two of us with my little Sony camera. It doesn't do as good a job as the Nikon SLR but it fits easily in a pocket so is a lot easier to carry around. And it's photos look pretty darn good.

LME Christmas party 03
Here is my beautiful lady alone but sitting beside me.

LME Christmas party 04
And here is another of us taken in the library room at the clubhouse with us standing on the fireplace hearth to get closer to the big wreath behind. It really enhances the Christmas time feeling of the photo. We had quite an audience while doing this and perhaps should do it next year for all couples or individuals there who would like a photo of them. I'd take the Nikon and some better flash equipment for something like that but it might be a good idea.

We have been finishing our Christmas shopping and getting Christmas cards started. Today we mailed the first of the cards while at Starbucks for our mochas and the mail box outside the store was so full I wasn't sure we could get ours in. That was only ten minutes before the pickup time and that was ontime, so it was easy to get ours included and the first of them are enroute. I even have most of my gifts wrapped and am at home now to make this post to give Pat some time without me so she can get some gifts wrapped that she says she can't do with me there. I wonder why she can't do it with me beside her?

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It looks like a good time was had by all, and you and Pat looked very nice, Dick.

Now, don't you think you should be using some of that time apart to do some Christmas shopping and wrapping of your own? ;D hee hee


Pet Huggy for me! :-)
Re: the wrapping alone thing. You're either too much of a distraction *wink* or they're for you, silly! (But, of course, you knew that)

Beautiful companion and I love her dress! Great pics, of course. I also love your idea of doing portraits for folks next year.
I think they must be presents for her boyfriend. You better find out more about that!
What terrific pictures! I love the ones of you two together, you both look so happy, Dick. :-)
You silly! You two look so happy together! God knew what He was doing when He nudged you two together!
Cookies and fudge for dinner, Christmas presents, mochas... There's something to this retirement.

Party on bro!

You look so happy together , it is great to see , thanks for sharing . Lovely little black dress too ! You are doing all kinds of fun things together ,I think it is terrific , May you be blessed and happy and healthy now and in the new year . Take care Mr.mocha , enjoy and Hugs for Huggy !
Be safe
Looks like a good time for all.
Looks like you both had a fun evening . I wonder who. Pat is Wrapping that present for. love your photo's of the very happy couple and Pat in her little black dress. Merry Christmas To you both.
Dick the two of you look so very happy, and what a great looking couple you are. Isn't it wonderful to find your soulmate.
I did too.
Dick, your happiness is radiating from your words and photos.
Seems like you are going to have a wonderful Christmas this year, sharing it with Pat.
Take care, Merry Christmas .... Meow and Pat make a beautiful couple! I love it! Sending you good wishes and may all your dreams come true in 2007 (so far, you're doing great for 2006!)!
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