Saturday, December 23, 2006


My blog starts it's second year today

A year ago today I made my first post to this blog and am now doing the first of my second year. It has been a year with a lot of changes for me. The first full year without my Annie. I learned RVing alone isn't as much fun as it was with the two of us. I also finally got to the point in moving through the greiving process where I could start giving away Annie's clothes and some of her other posessions. This is a necessary step in moving on in my life, although it has been a hard one to do. Our two grand daughters are getting some of her favorite stuffed bears this Christmas. I know she would like them to have those bears.

Family and friends have been wonderful. Getting reaquainted with my high school friend, SW, has been great and I think helpful for both of us. She has had a rough year too but I think our friendship has helped us both through some of those hard times. The summer reunion time with the "old gang" in Spokane was fun and I look forward to seeing them again, perhaps next summer. Buying the Miata and getting started again into car club activities has been good, but I need to stop getting those pesky speeding tickets!

Without a doubt the biggest and best thing that happened with me was meeting my Pat on Oct. 22nd. We have been together part of each day since then and I think that is the way I want it to be for the rest of my life, except being together even more of the day. Pat and I each experienced what I feel is one of the two worst life experiences a person can go through and both wondered if we would ever find anyone else to spend the rest of our lives with. I think we have and we feel it was with some help from on high, like maybe Annie and Sherm were leading us to meet each other. I am really looking forward to 2007 and what it may bring in my life.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who read this!

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That's so sweet Dick.

Happy Anniversary. Keep on writing.
Best Wishes to you and Pat. Merry Christmas.
I hope you and Pat have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and many more to come.
Take care, best wishes, Meow
Merry Christmas Dick and Pat!!
Merry Christmas to you, I suppose you will have a Green Christmas in Mt.Vernon, we still have snow on the ground.
We are staying home for Christmas, we have a daughter and family live here in Oliver.
My new camera is very nice and takes very nice pics, bit of a learning curve with some of the lenses, I suppose I got used to the point and shoot cam and have to learn over again. My P&S is a Canon G5 had it 4 years and over 15000 pics, my new DSLR is Pentax K10d, I already had 10 lenses from my film days.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It makes me very happy to hear how your life is going. Hope '07 brings you much joy.
Happy Blogversary Dick, and Merry Christmas to you and Pat! What a heartfelt post, I loved it.
Merry Christmas Dick and Pat! All the best to you for the coming year(s). ;)

From Ch3ll3, B, and the pets.
Merry Christmas Dick
this blog entry warms my heart to the very center , you are such a sweetie and I wish you such happiness and joy in your the new branch of your life , Bravo , it had to be hard but it is wonderful now and I couldnt be happier for you . God Bless and here is to a new year filled with fun , adventure and great health and happiness for you all . Hugs for Huggy , read you in the new year I hope . MR Mocha
Oh Dick what a lovely happy post. I remember your first post. I was glad to have encouraged you to start this blog. I for one have felt privalaged to have been along for the journey. May the year to come be blessed and filled with many more happy memories.
Hope your Christmas was great, and that your New Year is better.
Oh, this post makes me want to cry. I am so happy for you both.
congrats on your anniversary!
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