Monday, December 04, 2006


We are back to normal weather

Most of the snow from last week is gone and all of it on the roads is history. We are now back to our normal cool and wet weather. It sure makes it easier to get around!

Friday night Pat and I went to the lounge at Cascade Pizza in the evening to listen to a group called Midlife Crisis. They played music from various years but it was all good, starting with a Carlo Santana piece. We managed to drink most of a bottle of wine and eat about half of an order of nachos over two and a half hours and enjoyed the music. We are looking forward to seeing Elvis later this month and Stan Borenson at the local historic Lincoln Theater next weekend. It is so nice to have someone special to go to shows and various places with.

One of Pat's grandsons and I put some outside lights and decorations up yesterday at her house, while Pat and her granddaughter baked cookies. Christmas is sure a fun time of the year and I think this Christmas will be much better for both of us than the one last year was.

Christmas 2004
This photo was taken after Christmas, 2004, which Ann & I spent in a campground in Ft. Mohave, AZ. This shows how the interior of our motorhome was decorated and lighted for the holiday. That Christmas turned out to be Annie's last one. It was good but we did miss not being home with our kids and grandkids and decided that we would not go south again until after the holidays. This year I will be staying home.

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The RV looks so pretty and Christmasy. I'm glad that you are going to have a better holiday this year. You deserve it.
I love that pic of your christmas interior! Yes I'll bet you and Pat both will enjoy this Christmas much, much more Dick. God bless you both.
You and Pat will have a wonderful Christmas together! To think you two were houses apart all this time. It just wasn't the right time until now. I'll let you know next time I head to Mount Vernon. (maybe this Saturday).
I love the RV decorations! If you are away from home for the holidays, take them with you!

I'm so glad you have Pat to share the holidays with. Its so much fun to celebrate with family and friends and people who care about you.
The motorhome looks beautiful.

It warms my heart, seriously, to hear you talk about putting up lights while cookies are baking. I hope this Xmas is one of your best ones, Dick. :) You deserve it.
Very red! :)
Love your RV decorations and hope you and Pat have a lovely putting decorations up Take care
Hi Dick
I am so glad you have found some one and seem to be enjoying her company greatly !
Love the Mobile shot , all the comforts of home and then some LOL
Hugs for Huggy Mr Mocha and Hope your well take care
You've sent it my way. Its snowing here now. Supposed to drop to 14 degrees tonight.
Your home looks so chrismasy and cozy. Did you use a red setting or did you alter that on your photo shop?
What a lovely photo. The RV looks so cozy!

Happy you've got Pat to spend the holidays with this year. I'm sure it will be a lovely time! :)
Some have asked if the redness of the lighting is the way it was or have I Photoshopped it. That is the way it was. About the only light in the rig was the Christmas lights strung around the interior, except for the TV in the dash and the tree in the windshield. All other interior lights were off. There are light colors other than red on those strings but I guess the redness must be the predominate color as it sure colors everything red.
Your RV sure looks pretty, Dick.
Sounds like you will be having a wonderful Christmas. I am so pleased you have found someone as wonderful as Pat, who is making you so happy.
Merry Christmas, my friend.
Take care, Meow
I just googled Stan Borenson Clubhouse because I was looking for the words to the wacky song he sang back in the 50s. I used to live in Kent, when it was mostly farms. Haven't been to Pugetopolis as you call it since 1971. At any rate, if you or anyone knows the words to that crazy song please let me know what they are or where to find them. Thanks!
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