Sunday, January 14, 2007


Another busy week, with SNOW!

Our area doesn't get snow very often but this winter we have now gotten it twice. Just after Thanksgiving we had about ten inches of the stuff and this past week, starting Tuesday afternoon, we ended up with something like three inches. But this time the weather turned cold and has stayed that way, with daytime temps barely getting to freezing level. That melts the surface so it can freeze to ice at night when it drops below freezing again. I am ready for it to leave and normal temps to return. But, I don't seem to get to vote on that.

Pat and I had tickets to go to a magician show last Thursday night but we decided to play it safe and stay home rather than going out on the icy roads. So we went to the clubhouse and joined the Mexican Train game. This time I won with the low score and Pat won the booby prize for having the highest score. We each ante up a dollar to start the game. She got her dollar back while I got all the other six dollars.

Son B came up this weekend with his two kids, J & K. I had forgotten how busy it can be to have a 13 and almost 10 year old around! Fun, but there is a high activity level. They just left about ten minutes ago and I probably won't see them for a few weeks as B is going on a cruise for a fairly short trip with his navy ship this next week.

I ordered a couple of books from about Photoshop Elements version 5 on Friday, along with a unit to make a tent around smallish items and have a smooth, continuous background with even lighting. It will be perfect to use to photograph things to sell on eBay. I guess I will try doing that again to see what will happen with some of Annie's Wizard of Oz collection as well as other things. I had some fun a couple of years ago selling a few things there and while I didn't make a lot of money, it more than paid it's costs.

I am also leaning toward buying another lens and perhaps another camera. Nikon has a beautiful 18 - 200mm vibration reduced zoom lens that is designed for use on digital SLR cameras. It sells for around $700 which is quite a bargain for a VR lens. But, I can get it along with a D200 camera for just over two thousand dollars and normally that camera body is about $1750 by itself. So that would be only about $300 for the lens and it will work on both the D200 and the D70s that I have now. I probably should wait until I figure my income taxes first but it might be a good move in the near future. Maybe.

I sure have found a wonderful woman in Patti. We seem to be just right for each other in so many ways. I am really looking forward to the future and spending it with her.

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gday from australia, snow at your front door, would love to experience that, last time i saw snow i was 15 and was a 6hr drive.

Cheers, have a great week.
You only got 3 inches? We got at least a foot. What a difference 3 hours north can make. You sound happy. I am glad for you Dick.
But oh, isn't it beautiful?

I was trapped in my house on Thursday by my driveway and the snow. it was kind of fun.

I love that you are happy.
We've yet to have ANY snow here in PA, which is a rarity.
Hi Dick .
Been a while snce my last visit,but
you seem to be enjoying life and I
am pleased to hear this.
Stay Well
Ugh, make my vote on melting, too! We spent 3 hrs today building a beautiful igloo with the neighbors and had to leave to go into town to do some errands and came home to find that he same neighbors that we had spent so much time invested in trashed the igloo while we were away..... ahh....youth! I'll buy your old digital from you for J, if you'd like! Good to hear that all is well and smooth up north!
Yeah, Even I would like to see a little rain and a lot of sun for awhile. But I DO love the snow!
Hi Dick
Snow at the front door BBRRRR.
Nice to hear alls going well with you and Pat look forward to further updates, Take Care, (((hugs))).
Some kind of high pressure system sent our storm your way. Thats why we are dealing with the insane cold around here.

Enjoy the snow because I don't want it.
Another reason to get the D200 and the 18 - 200 lens together is it is about the only way you can find the lens. It is a tough buy & usually out of stock.
Hey Dick, how about some pictures of Huggy! What has she been up to lately, her many fans want to know.
Hello Dick
you guys are busy and having fun , that is great to see and your last two lines on this post is so sweet , your just a big softie like me , what a nice feeling to know you are happy again , wonderful , God Bless

It's sooooo wonderful to hear how happy you are, Dick ... it shows in your writing.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow
Hi Dick...stay warm and I hope you get your new toy!

P.S. I love how you called her Patti.. :)
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