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A New Year & more Elvis photos

I have had a very busy week since my last post. Last Saturday Pat & I attended another of Danny Vernon's Tribute to Elvis shows, again at the Northern Lights Casino in Anacortes, WA. This time there was a live band backing him up AND they allowed photos to be taken! I had written to him asking about that and he said he has no rule that photos can't be taken so we don't know where that idea came from on the last show. Anyway, this one was a lot better than the last and in good measure due to having a live band backing up his singing. He again had the Double Trouble dancers but also added a young lady who is fantastic with Hula-hoops. I took about 140 photos and eliminated 25 due to lack of sharpness. Enough talking about it, here are some photos:

Elvis 2-01
This is Danny in his "early Elvis" period. His show portrays the three eras of Elvis, the early, middle and late years. I used the 50mm lens I bought last fall on my Nikon D70s digital SLR camera and it is a lot better in that the lens speed is much faster than any of my others. On my camera it is the equivalent of a 75mm lens on a 35mm camera and I upped the ISO of the sensor to 400 which still gives very high quality images but is another f-stop faster than the 200 I normally use.

Elvis 2-02
Here is Danny with the two girls known as Double Trouble. They danced to more of his songs tonight than they did in the earlier shows and they are very good.

Elvis 2-03
Do you remember the Hula-hoop? This is Jamie dancing and Hula-hooping to Danny singing the song about a "ring around your neck." This young lady is fantastic with Hula-hoops. Yes, that is plural. See the next photo:

Elvis 2-03a
Here is Jamie with two of them going at once. I can't even do one!

Elvis 2-04
Danny and Jamie together in one photo. Yes, that hoop is spinning around her forearm.

Elvis 2-05
Danny is in his "middle years" period with this outfit. It looks good but is kind of hard to get good photographs of since it is black leather.

Elvis 2-06
Here are the Double Trouble girls again. Do you remember these outfits from my last photos that were taken in late August at one of his shows?

Elvis 2-07
Jamie again, this time with a hoop that has lights built into it. This was fun to photograph as the lights were turned down a bit more than they were for most of the show so the lights in the hoop would show up better. This young lady is sure amazing with what she can do with those things!

Elvis 2-08
Danny came out for one song in this white suit, between his middle and late years.

Elvis 2-09
A closer view of Danny and one of the Double Trouble girls.

Elvis 2-010
This is the wrap-up number for the show. We really enjoyed it this time and look forward to going to his special show there on Valentine's Day. If we can get tickets. They are not available yet and usually sell out very quickly when they are available. Danny is a pretty versitile singer who has some albums of his own work out as well as doing Elvis songs. One of his own albums is a country western one and Pat's daughter, C, is a country fan. We had gotten that album for her for a Christmas gift and she wanted to go see him in person. She went with us to this show and is now quite a fan of his, as we are.

My photos that are posted here are hosted on the flickr site. If you click on one of them you will be taken to my site on flickr. When there, click on the area where it says you can go to my photo stream and you will be able to see all of the photos I have uploaded to that site. You can also download them in sizes up to 800 by whatever dimension they come out to. Click on "All Sizes" and then download it. One young lady told me that she had used one of my photos for wallpaper on her computer. Comments can also be left there on individual photos.

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Great photos Dick. I especially like those little pink dresses. I wonder if they come in 2X? LOL
Beautiful clarity! What can I say? You did a splendid job. :)
That's it...I'm making another Elvis suit.
Great photos, Dick.
I've never been to an Elvis tribute show, but I imagine it would be wonderful.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow
Great job on the photos Dick.
Looks like so much fun! Fantastic photos as usual! My favorite is the one of Jamie with the hoop around her hips. Perfection!
Hi Dick
Looks like a great time and your photos are brilliant! Thanks for letting me tag along LOL Hope you and your LAdy friend are happy and healthy , HUGGY too , Give tummy rubs for me ===to Huggy that is ,LOL
Take care
those were beautiful photos, clear, colorful and really show the stages of the show. Sounded great
Hi Dick.
great photo's and looks like you had a great time at the show
Hope all still going strong with pat. Take Care
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