Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I've updated my profile

I just updated the About Me section of my profile. I don't mention RVing in that part of it and part of that is because I don't know how much RVing I will be doing in the future. It is still mentioned in the upper part of the blog and I do hope we will continue to at least do some traveling that way.

But right now I have other things to occupy my time, like getting my house cleared out and ready to sell. We have decided to live in Pat's house after we marry so will sell mine. Combining two households, especially when one of them is owned by a guy who is kind of a packrat that doesn't throw things away, is going to be a challenge. The two houses are only about two blocks apart so it isn't a big move distance wise.

When we do get to the RV I think we will sell the one I have now, which is Dick & Annie's RV, and buy a smaller one that Pat & I will pick out. It will be Pat & Dick's RV. There will be some changes in vehicles that I own, too. Pat has a VW new Beetle that is diesel powered. We will keep that. If we are going to continue RVing we will want to keep the Saturn as it is all setup to be a towed car and does that very well. The Miata may be traded for something like a 1966 Ford Mustang and the Honda moped will just be sold.

One of Pat's daughters has bought my Nikon D70s camera so it will be staying in the family. I think she will enjoy and get a lot of use out of it. It really is a good camera. Tomorrow night we are going to another performance of Danny Vernon as Elvis. I will take my new Nikon D200 to try out there.

The times they are a'changin.

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Happy Valentines Day
Guess you have made some real changes havent you , wonderful , and so romantic , I lost your address for a bit but am here and see you have been seriously busy .
A HUGE CONGRATS and Good Luck I hope you will be happy for many many years
HUGS for Huggy
Thanks for all the great pics
take care Dick and I hope to continue to read about all your adventures
Good Luck Mr&Mrs Mocha LOL
Since i started reading your blog your life has undergone many changes. It tickles me no end that you have found Pat and are so happy.

Good luck throwing away your stuff.
Happy Valentine's and boy this is nice one I know. Enjoy it and then oh my sounds like a lot of work is going to take place.
Just a thought, but you might want to change your header at the top of your blog while you're at it, Dick. :-)

Yep, lots of changes in the very near future, but I remember not too long ago when you talked on here about the empty days spread out before you. I don't think you'll be bored or at a loss for something to do for a good while, LOL! Busy is the word for at least the next few months.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Pat, Dick, and give Huggy some lovin' for me.

How about a new pic or 2 of Huggy? You haven't posted any in a while....


Happy Valentines Day, to you and Pat. Hope it is a magical one for you. Looks like lots of changes happening in your world. It all sounds very exciting. Hope the wedding plans are continuing nicely.
Take care, hugs, Meow
Its reassuring that at any stage of life new beginnings are possible. Its been so much fun watching your life take its turns here to arrive at this place, where you are now combining houses. Sweet.
RV Travels with Pat and Huggy!! :)

Happy Valentine's to you lovebirds and good luck with the move!
I'm back again! Don't faint! I guess it would be a wise move to move into one of the two houses...and getting married? Where have I been? Good luck to you, hon...I know you've been through a lot and Pat is such a doll to put up with an old coot as you! *grin*
Wow, getting rid of the Miata?! I guess an old Mustang would be a good trade though. Good luck on finding a new RV. Maybe the higher gas prices will get you a better deal.
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