Thursday, February 15, 2007


Valentine's Day and Elvis

Valentine's Day yesterday was wonderful. We went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I got some sorting at home done. Then we again went to the Northern Lights Casino at Anacortes, WA to see Danny Vernon as Elvis. Dinner was at their special Valentine Day buffet and Pat's daughter, C, went along with us and to the Elvis show.

This show included people impersonating Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper but for us the main draw was Danny Vernon. This show was in the large bingo hall and I really don't like it as well but it seats a lot more people so I can understand why the casino likes it better. I found the lighting on the stage was not as good here either. And once half of the band went off when a breaker somewhere tripped, cutting off their electric power. I tried taking photos with my big zoom lens that came with the D200 camera but even with it's vibration feature turned on I was not getting sharp photos. I think it is because the lens is slower. So I put the trusty 50mm f1.8 prime lens on and it worked fine. I have a lot to learn about using this camera and a lot more is done manually but that is good as it gives you a lot more control. A lot of that can also be done with the D70 but I never got that deeply into using it's menus. With this one I have no choice as it doesn't have all those automated features.

Elvis 01
This first photo is early in the show, just after I changed to the prime lens. It shows Danny in a new jacket and includes the two dancers, Double Trouble.

Elvis 02
Here is Danny in one of his full new suits. This photo has had a slight adjustment done in contrast and been brightened slightly but that is about all. You can see the affect of the colored lights used in the stage lighting in his skin tone.

Elvis 03
Here a small amount of tweaking of his skin tone has been done but the colored lights are still very noticable. Do note the difference in the look of the clothing color.

Elvis 04
More tweaking of skin tone has been done. His flesh tone is nearly back to normal.

Elvis 05
And here the flesh tone is just about right. Note that the color of the clothes has not changed a lot in these three where adjustments have been done but they are all a lot different from the first one. Just a few examples of how playing with Photoshop can change and perhaps improve photos.

We enjoyed this show although not as much as the last one where the venue was in the smaller room. I haven't looked at Danny's web site to see when he will be back but when he is again in our neighborhood we will try to attend as we do enjoy his shows. These are the first photos I have posted from the new camera. I think I will enjoy using it but I do have a lot to learn and haven't had much time to just play with it so far. I've got a house to clean out. Got to get to work on it.

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Hey Dick,the pictures are very good!!! Don't worry you'll get the hang of it in no-time.I use psp,also.It helps a lot with the not so perfect pictures.But at least we have the pictures.
I need to do a lot of house cleaning myself.I need to throw away a lot of stuff also.It will make a lot of difference when you move:)
Good luck on the packing!!!
Hi Dick! I know, I know...haven't been around awhile, but I had some free time so it's a'blogging we will You know, I saw Elvis...the real one of his last concerts in '72...might have been his last one. Amazing phenomenal person he was. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and say hi to Pat for me!
Oh, your new camera is amazing!

I'm happy you guys had a nice Valentine's Day. April is going to be here before you know it!
Hi Dick just popped in for update, looks like you had a lovely Valentines day and your camera takes great photo's.
This suit was saved to my costume reference photos. It's AWESOME.
Hi Dick,
So the date is set. The time will fly past. Such an exciting time for both you and Pat. Good luck with the move and sorting through the pack rats stuff!
Hi, havnt been by your blog for a while, but congrats on the upcoming wedding.
Hope you enjoy the new camera
Wonderful photos, Dick ... you'll get the hang of the new camera before you know it.
Hope the wedding preparations are going well.
Hugs to you and Pat.
Take care, Meow
hi Dick, just dropped in to say hello. Hope everything is going well for you
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