Monday, February 12, 2007


Well, I changed to Beta Blogger

Becky at the Absent Minded Housewife blog said she has changed to the beta version and it seems to be working pretty well, so I decided to at least try it. If I don't like it I can always move over to WordPress. Of course I had to join ANOTHER thing, Google something or other, in order to continue using this system.

I did go and buy a new suit. Then I needed a new shirt and tie and they tried pretty hard there (The Men's Wearhouse) to sell those to me but luckily I had Pat along and she said their prices for those accessories were too high. They advertise pretty low prices for suits but don't seem to have any of those low price ones in the common sizes. And they charge extra for all of the tailoring and there is always some since the pants legs will have to be set to your length. Anyway, I have it and we found a shirt & tie to go pretty will with her dress, so are set for the wedding. On clothes.

It appears that getting married is a pretty complicated activity. It seems that there are a lot of things I never thought of that have to be done. It is a good thing that women seem to like to do those things and are good at remembering them so we men can sort of relax and let it happen.

One of the commenters on my last post mentioned that her hubby who was in the Navy never talked about going boating. I should make sure you all know those were my words, not my son's. I guess they don't call his boat a boat because it is a ship and they don't go boating, they go under way. Just saying they are going boating in the boat seems easier to me. It is probably a good thing that I am not in the Navy.

Only two days to Valentine's Day. Last year on that day I found a wonderful poem that brought a lot of comfort to me and since then I have been able to share it with other friends who have lost loved ones. Thank you Emily for posting it that day on Susan's blog so that I was able to read it. This year I have Patti and it will be a much better lover's holiday for both of us.

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Nice to see things are coming together for the wedding, now if we can just figure a way for all your cyber friends to be there. :)

I know this Valentine's Day will be so much nicer for two special people---so enjoy it my friend.
DARN!! I wish I had some money I would LOVE to have your camera. AH well

I eloped to virginia, only had to worry about me and him and the JP. Did not miss not having a big wedding at all. I would do it again if I ever had the chance! Just too much money and stress on w WEDDING>
Hi Dick
Well sounds like your quite organised and all kitted out for the wedding.
Both have a wonderful Valentines day. Jen
Hello again, Glad to see that you are getting the Navy jargon down! It sounds like you and Patti are moving right along with your wedding plans and prep. Make it a really Happy Valentine's Day this year; you really deserve it! Also, tomorrow (yes Valientine's Day) is Susan's Birthday (Susan's (I think that is her link) sorry I can't link or don't know how from here.
Well, the plans are moving along. A lot to do and plan. If I had to do it over again, I would have done it much more simpler. I switched to the new Beta Blogger. It seems okay so far.
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