Sunday, March 18, 2007


Annie is at rest

My two sons and I along with a few friends from church held a short commitment service today at 12:30 and interred Annie's ashes into the new burying ground at our St. Paul's Episcopal Church here in Mt. Vernon. Annie knew the church was in the early planning stage for this space at the time she died. She had said that she would like to be buried there but neither of us realized it would be so soon. I wanted to wait until the space was finished which didn't happen until late last year. Then I didn't want another family burial in the winter. Now the trees are budding out, some of the flowers are in bloom and the weather even kind of cooperated. Her earthly remains are now at rest where she wanted them to be.

We did buy the new RV. We picked it up late Friday afternoon but since Pat hasn't been feeling well we haven't yet moved much into it. I hope this afternoon to get started on that and move some of the mountain of things from my living room floor into it's place there. But I also know now that I do not need everything that was along before. I'll let Pat take charge of the kitchen things and pretty much determine what goes and what doesn't. As long as we have a way to make coffee!

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I hope Pat's feeling better soon. Soon you'll have nothing on your living room floor except living room furniture!

Rest in peace, Annie......
Glad the weather cleared a bit. You were right to wait, winter interments are so depressing.
Although I didnt know Annie, from what you have blogged about her makes me believe that she would be able to rest in peace, knowing that you have found a new companion. I know I would want Keith to find someone if any thing happens to me.
I hope Pat feels better soon. So are you going away in the RV for the honeymoon?
Amazing the rhythms of life isn't it Dick? That you should be able to put Annie to rest physically at the same time that you are renewing yourself. I think she would be very happy.
How exciting to have the new RV. It will be something the two of you can share.
I know Annie would be looking down at you, happy to know that you have found someone to be with, to know that you are not alone.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow
Rest In Peace Annie

I just spent a little while catching up on what you've posted while I was out of pocket. Lots of changes!

Enjoy the new RV. I know Huggy will be exploring her new digs. Do you plan to take Pat's kitties along, too? Or maybe kennel them at a vet's, have someone house and pet sit?

I'm glad Annie is at rest where she wanted to be.


What fun to outfit a new RV!!
It's like playing house. I sure miss mine and camping.
Good that you finally got Annie to her resting place.
Spring is here and it's time for new growth. :)

Hope Pat is back to her old self soon.
So glad you waited for your wife's interment when it was pretty [in the Spring]. From what you have written of Annie it seems she would be pleased that nature came and painted her a pretty canvas for the last time together with you.

You are a special couple and your writings illustrate that.

I hope you find the same happiness in your life with Pat.

Hugs always! Skippy
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