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Cats, RVs and more

I thought it might be good to post a couple of photos of Pat's two cats, Molly and Peewee. These are not the greatest of photos but you can have a better idea of what these two look like.

Molly 01
This is Molly. She is about the same age as Huggy- both will be 9 in May.

Peewee 01
Here is Peewee. She is 4 and is usually very active but I managed to catch her in a relaxed pose. She is a nearly perfect tuxedo cat, with the left and right sides almost a perfect mirror opposite of each other.

We have had Huggy over to Pat's house a couple of times and need to do it more often. Somehow time just seems to slip by. This week Pat is working some every day, either at her volunteer job at the hospital (today) or at the school district office where they have needed some extra help with special projects. This has given me some extra time to spend at my house going through things and I am making some progress at that. I also had a little time to go looking at RVs.

We have decided to trade my Sea Breeze RV for one that we pick out that will become Pat & Dick's RV and I think we have found the one we want. I had thought about looking for a unit that is a little smaller than my present one and the one we are looking at fits the bill perfectly. It is new but a 2005 model, so the price is lower than a 2007 unit would be. The brand and model number is a Trail-Lite 31SL. It isn't a lot smaller at 31' and it does have one slide out, so the actual living space is probably a bit larger than the Sea Breeze. But it fits us pretty well. I took some photos of it yesterday morning and in the late afternoon after Pat got home from work and we had our mocha, we went to the dealer so she could see it. I have three photos of it to post today:

Trail-Lite 01
This first photo is of the main living area looking forward. It is a Class C motorhome, which means that it is built on a cut-away van chassis. You can see the driver/passenger seats along with the dashboard up forward. These units have a space above the driver/passenger seats that often has a large bed but these can be awkward to get into. The one we are looking at has an entertainment center built up there. It contains a 24" TV with a theater sound system and storage for DVDs, books, etc. There is enough space for one person to sleep in front of it and I suppose that could be called the Dog House. I had better behave.

The upholstery material is a gray suede material that looks good and I guess will wear pretty well. The wood work is real wood without any pressed board.

Trail-Lite 02
Here is a view showing the kitchen area and looking down the hallway to the bedroom at the rear of the coach. Like most RVs the counter space is pretty limited but we are thinking of putting a flip-up extension to the left of the sink. The stove has three burners plus an oven and there is a microwave/convection oven combination unit above the vent hood. The fridge is just past them and has wood covers over the doors that match the other wood in the rig. The door you can see that is past the fridge goes into the shower and there is an identical one across the hall that goes into a small room with the toilet and wash basin. The doors are regular solid core household type doors. You can just see part of the bed through the last doorway. It is a queen size island bed with space to move around it on three sides. It doesn't have as much storage space under it as the one in my Sea Breeze has, at least from the inside, but there is a large storage space beneath the head half of the bed that is accessible from both sides outside the rig. Pat seems to approve of the kitchen so that is the main thing.

Trail-Lite 03
The slide out area contains the dinette and sofa. I have never had a rig with a slide out and have some concerns about them but understand that the newer ones have resolved most of the problems of the early units. Also this unit does not have any of the heavy things such as the fridge in the slide out. And the rig is equipped with hydrolic jacks to level it before you extend the slide. They sure do add more space to the inside of the rig. For those not familiar with them you can sort of see the slide out area by looking behind the dinette seat and at the area enclosed by the wood "frame" that goes up and then comes forward. It is an area that mechanically slides out of the rig about 18" when it is parked, extending the inside living space. The dinette and sofa also make into sleeping areas so there is room for grandkids.

We haven't signed on the line yet to purchase this unit but are strongly leaning that way. It looks like it would work well for our needs. I think what I am most happy about is that it is sounding like Pat will do some traveling with me in an RV, something that I really enjoy doing and I hope that she will like it as well as I do.

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Will you take all three cats with you? That would be an adventure!
That's a nice looking rig; you wont be disappointed with the slide out. John & I live in our rig full time. Our new one has two, we never had a bit of problem with them; also we had a 2002 Adventure with two slide outs also and it was fine also; one thing tho we found out that having both slide-outs on the same side works out best for parking the rig, that way you can have it way over to one side instead of more in the middle of the parking site. Best of Wishes to you and Pat.
Meno, we won't be taking Pat's two cats on the road. They do not like to ride in vehicles and Peewee won't let us put a collar or harness on her so there would not be much of any way to contain her. I guess we will take Huggy as she really likes to travel but we haven't talked about that yet. I don't expect to go off on 3 or 4 month Snowbird trips so our travels will be shorter & Pat's daughter can stop by daily to feed and snuggle with Molly & Peewee.
Hi Dick and Pat -

The new rig looks very nice - a good floorplan. Our slideout is 18", and it is just enough to give some extra walk-around space without creating a lot of hassles in making sure there is space on the outside for the slide to come out. Just be sure you can open the storage bin doors and not hit the utility pole! ;->

We hope to get back up there this summer, but not sure if we will return to Sequim or do the La Conner - Mount Vernon shuffle again. Lots left to photograph in La Conner. We would very much like to meet Pat!!

Virtual hugs,

On the road in -
Sierra Vista, Arizona
I take it Pat's never RV'd then? Well Dick you might just be introducing her to something she'll really love! :-)

This one looks nice, I really love all the light in there.
I like this RV. You and Pat will have lots of good times in it. I can't wait for the pics of all the places you will go and all of things you will see.
Just you, Pat, and 3 kitties, travelling in an RV around America ... sounds wonderful. Hope you get this model, it looks wonderful.
Take care, Meow
Wow, Dick, this is really, really nice. How about internet service? What do you do there?
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