Sunday, March 11, 2007


It looks like it will be ours

We drove the Trail-Lite 31' RV we have been looking at yesterday and it feels good. I wanted to sell my Miata before buying a new RV and it looks like that will happen soon, too. Then we just need to setup the financing on the new RV as we think we can do better on interest rates than what they can find through the dealer. Here are a few more photos of the rig:

Trail-Lite 00
This is a view from the left rear outside that shows clearly how the slide out works and how much space it adds to the inside. It doesn't look like a lot from here but that extra 18" by 12' or so adds quite a bit of very useful space. The slide out operates hydraulically so it is really fairly easy to make it work.

Trail-Lite 05
Another view of the interior showing the doors of the storage units beside the TV in the entertainment center closed. We think this will be better use of that space for us than having another large bed up there.

Trail-Lite 04
We are about ready to head out on our test drive yesterday in this third photo. The hood is open over the engine as the battery was too low on charge to start the engine & we were waiting for a jumper battery. Pat is sitting in the passenger seat and I tried to get her to turn & look at the camera but she is kind of bashful. You can see the wood covering over part of the dashboard. This is just decorative but is kind of attractive and goes well with the wood finish inside the rig.

Now I have to get the Sea Breeze emptied out. One challenge will be the 70 or so gallons of gasoline that I really don't want to just give away. The tank on the new rig is a bit smaller at 55 gal. but I want to transfer fuel to it to get it full and perhaps top off the tank in the Saturn, too. The dealer says the solar panels and their controller are not really worth anything on the trade in, so I will remove them and install two of the panels & the controller on this new rig. I know I can sell the third 90w panel to another RVer. We are also keeping the cell phone antennae that was just installed last winter while I was in Bullhead City, AZ. I found it can make the difference between the phone or my air-card for the computer being able to connect or not. I sure have a lot going on at the moment!

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I am always astonished by the cleverness of the RV interior. Sounds like you are busy. Where are you going on your maiden voyage?
Hi Dick
Great looking RV hope you enjoy it on all your new adventures. Hello to Pat and hope you got all your kitty kat stuff all done , they are all beauties .
Hugs for all three of them , take care Mr and Mrs Mocha .....

What a lovely RV. You will have many grand adventures in that.
The cats are precious.
Can you send me your mailing address, I would love to send you both a wedding card.
That sure is fancy! Beats a tent...
Wow, does it look comfortable!
More great photos of the RV. I love it, I want it ... beats tenting !!!
Take care, Meow
that looks great. I was amazed when we looked at RV units in how much difference those slide-outs made to the feeling of spaciousness inside. You should have many years of enjoyment with it.
Hi Dick.
Oh the RV looks great I think i could make myself feel right at home in that and the slide out would sure give you a lot more and Pat will sure have some great times RVing in that rig.
Hi Dick, I hope the best for you and new wife to be. The new new RV should be a nice way to do some traveling. I have enjoyed reading your blog and that of Dan & Jenny Sheppard's.
Evan Watkins
Hi Dick and Pat,
I hope ya'll will have lots of fun planning and taking your trips in such a nice vehicle.I'm sure Huggie will like being out again too.
I'll pray for sunshine for ya'lls wedding day(and warm too).It would be nice to have both.I think Pat will take to riding right away.Most women love to see new places.
Have a good weekend Dick.
Looks like we are going to see you on the road in the future. Congratulation
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