Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Time keeps marching on

It doesn't seem like a lot has happened, at least to write about here, but I know there has been a lot going on. As of Sunday afternoon it looks like our weather has finally (maybe) taken a turn for spring like conditions. Yesterday was beautiful with high temps up into the mid 60s(F.) I finally got my lawn mowed again and it sure needed it.

We are also getting things moved into the new RV. It is going slower than I expected but we are not just moving everything that came out of the Sea Breeze over. There is not quite as much inside storage with the new one and that is probably good as I have a tendency to try to take too much along. All right, I am kind of a pack rat. I bought some more clear plastic storage boxes yesterday and am starting to fill them with things we will store in the rear outside accessed compartment. The main bed has been made and most dishes and cookware is in place. We have been finding that there are some things missing, like the directions for the TV, the radio antennae for the home theater unit and the rack to use in the microwave/convection oven to cook in convection mode. They have been ordered by the RV dealer & should be here before long. I hope we can go on our maiden trip with it fairly soon, probably just someplace fairly close for a night or two to see if there are other things that we really need to take along.

Pat is at her volunteer job at the hospital right now. Tuesdays from 07:00 to noon she works the volunteer desk in the Day Surgery area. We will probably eat lunch there at the cafeteria when she finishes today, then we plan to visit the county courthouse to pick up our marriage license. They are good for 60 days and cost $60, which must be paid in cash. They take checks for auto licenses but not for marriage licenses. I wonder why not?

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Wedding license? Time is marching on. And you said nothing is happening!
Re: marriage licenses: probably because too many people change their minds, LOL! ;D

Where are you and Pat going for your honeymoon? Are you taking the motorhome for the honeymoon, or going to a resort, etc?

It's already been into the mid-80's here for highs, very unseasonably warm for this early in the Spring. I dread the hot weather, but ready or not, here it comes.


Glad the weather is becoming nicely Spring-like ... ours is starting to become very Autumnal !!
Wow, a marriage licence ... that's pretty exciting ... it's going full steam ahead now, isn't it !!
Have a fabulous week.
Take care, Meow
Yay a marriage license! Won't be long now Dick. :-)
Wow, I don't know where the time goes. I can't believe your big day is so close! :)

I really do hope, though, that you don't give up this blog. We would all love to read about your new adventures. Congrats on the new RV!

I'm so happy for you, Dick..
Wow , any day now huh? fabulous , I guess you are really excited , I wish you MR and(the future) Mrs Mocha all the best in the world LOL, hope all the kitties get along and you have a spectacular time on your big day and honey moon. We will be wanting lots of pics if you dont mind sharing .Take care , drive safe and Hugs for all 3 kitties

Greeneyes ☺
hi Dick and Pat, wow getting the maggiage licence wont be long now, getting close to the big day.
Look forward to seeing many pics when you get the RV on the road and start your travels.
Not long to go now. Have you had Huggy fitted for a tux yet?
Ohhhhh...I WANT ONE!!! Do you have a picture of it somewhere, Dick? I'm exploring your blog...haven't been here for a long while!
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