Friday, April 13, 2007


BUSY, Busy, busy.....

I can't believe how many things there are for me to do and yet I am taking a few minutes to make a quick post to my blog. I just ordered some photos from Costco after uploading them from my archives. These will be to include in the wedding book that Pat's daughter, C, is making up for us. I know they won't all be included (31 of them) but it will give C some choices.

Tomorrow Pat & I go to Auburn for my grand daughter K's 10th birthday party. It should be fun and of course there will be the fun for me of introducing Pat to many relatives and friends who will also be there. We will try to meet a few people ahead of the 2pm party for lunch and maybe some after the party for dinner or mochas.

We met with our Priest again yesterday here in our park where we could walk through the service we are planning. We said the words to each other that we will officially say two weeks from tomorrow and they sound good. It looks like it will all work out fine, even if we have to go indoors because of bad weather. Now I just have to try to not make Pat laugh during the ceremony. It is easy to tickle her hand while I am holding it. But I think that might be a mistake to do at that time. I've been warned.

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Thanks for taking a few minutes to keep us current.
I love the photo of you both in the previous post. You both look so happy.
My thoughts will be with you on the 28th. It doesny matter what the weather does, youll be Mr & Mrs at the end of the day no matter what.
Wish I could get your actual postal address so I can send a card. Weddins are worth the stamp!
I do so love romance and weddings! Congratulations and best wishes to both of you!
You are a smart man not to tickle her hand during the wedding.

Every time i come here i smile. You are blessed.
I started reading your blogs just before you met Pat. What a wonderful adventure it has been following first, your finding each other, and then your falling in love. In this last picture the look in both your and Pats eyes tells it all. I wish you and Pat a long and happy life together, and all the best that life has to offer.
Most Sincerely,
Judith a.k.a. catmomaJ.
No tickling allowed until AFTER the ceremony! LOL

I can't wait to hear all about your big day.
Congratulations and best wishes to you both. I hope it continues to be marvelous for you. I loved reading that you've found happiness again.
Yes, tickling might not be good. But then, if people are allowed to cry at weddings, laughter should be ok too. :-) You guys will do great. I'm putting in my official mental requests for good weather out your way.
If you can't tickle during the ceremony, when can you tickle?

My Uncle married my husband and me. He was SO LONG WINDED. By the time we got to vows we had to consciously keep ourselves standing upright.

I had an outdoor wedding. It was lovely.
It is great to hear the happiness in your post. The Big Day is almost here.

Thank you for always visiting and leaving me such supportive comments. It is those that keep me returning each time I am away. Support from my friends here are very important during the more difficult times.

You understand better than some.

Wishing you the very best as you begin this new journey.
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