Thursday, April 19, 2007


Closer and closer

We enjoyed our trip to Federal Way for K's birthday party last Saturday. We went down early and met friends in Fife for lunch before the party, and then to the party. I thought I knew where the place was but couldn't find it where I thought it should have been. So I cheated and went into a gas station and asked. I thought it was on Pacific Highway South but it actually was on S 320th. So we were a bit later than planned but still made it.

On our way home we stopped at a big outlet mall in Marysville to look for a dress shirt for Pat's grandson to wear in the wedding. It is real hard to find anything in a dress shirt in the color we want in children's sizes, so we took a chance and bought the smallest adult one we could find. He is 13 so it might fit. We hope. When we left there the traffic was terrible, just trying to get to the freeway. An hour & a half later we stopped for dinner at a Chinese place at Smokey Point (4 miles away) in Arlington. From there on home was no problem. You ought to see rush hour on weekdays! It is nice to be retired.

I have gone over my house with both sons & M's wife looking at what things they want. I have been making pretty good progress on getting stuff to store packed and they are both taking some of what they want away now. I need to keep the house with beds, etc until after the wedding as family from out of town will be using them. We will go away for a short trip, just Pat and I, after the wedding but when we are back will then really get into cleaning out the place. I am allowed to hold a yard sale here in our park when you are moving so we will do that, then get everything cleaned up and list the house for sale. Some houses here have sold in just a few days and I kind of hope mine will go fast like that. You never know.

Nine days to go.

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Gosh, it's coming up fast, isn't it?

I despise moving but at least you'll have everything weeded out to the essentials that you really want to keep. Hope your house goes fast.

Are you and Pat getting nervous now? I know the wedding turned into a WEDDING on you, but I know all will go well. I hope it's a beautiful Spring day for it.


Your big day is almost here Dick! :-)

Sometimes it's easier to sell a house with some furnishings still in it, people can see the rooms as they should be used that way, if you know what I mean. For me it's not a problem but apparently lots of people have issues with an empty house as they can't "see" how it might work for their stuff in it.
Your park sounds like a great park so I am sure you will have no problems at all selling your place!

Our new route #412 to Everett from Camano is quite popular now. You are so right, the traffic around Everett is horrific!!
Wow, you actually stopped and asked for directions!!! I think every woman reading that is sending you a 'high-five' for doing what so many men just won't bring themselves to do. Pat truly found herself a great guy!!

All kidding aside,,,, you and Pat are so very fortunate to have found each other, and myself and all your blog friends wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Nine days? that makes me nervous. I surely hope that there will be some pictures for us to see??!!
Nine days! Wow. Have fun. Take pics. Laugh a lot. Eat cake.

Federal Way - ha. I grew up there.
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