Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A couple of photos

I have been sorting and boxing things to get ready to move things out of my house. But these two indoor plants bloomed at Pat's house and I figured if I was going to get photos of them I had better not delay too long. I really need to take some time one of these days and just go wandering with the camera again, but here are a couple of photos that are just photos of flowers.

Christmas cactus 01
This first one is her other Christmas cactus. I guess it rarely blooms so we were really surprised when this one came out. Both of these photos were taken with the 18 - 200mm zoom lens hand held on my Nikon D200 camera. I know it would be better with the tripod and a smaller f/stop for greater depth of field, but I need something quickly and the tripod was at my house.

Flower 02
I don't know what this flower is but it is tall and the leaves are long and pointy, kind of like palm leaves. It is very delicately colored and with it against the white wall & mini-blinds it doesn't exhibit a lot of contrast. But I kind of like the plant and the photo.

I have over five boxes of Wizard of Oz things that are Annie's collection, including a few first edition books from 1903 - 1904. I have found a heated storage locker that I can rent to store things in so will do that & move them to the house to sell on eBay or whatever. There are a lot of photos and photo albums that I want to scan and that will take time so rather than trying to take them all to Pat's house at once I will store them in the locker, then work on a box at a time. Digital images sure take up a lot less storage space!


Maybe your SOn's Children would like the WIzard of Oz collection. It would be a shame to let it out of the family!
That's a great way to get through all your photo albums without carting them all over, Dick.

Oh my, that second flower shot is gorgeous!
Wow, things are a happenin'.. :)
The white flower is a Calla Lilly I think. It is gorgeous. I really like that photo. I dont have any luck with indoor flowering plants. Pat must have quite a green thumb!
If you'd like help figuring out editons/values of your Oz collection, email me at: sojourn@frodelius.com

Hi Dick, I've peeped in a few times via meno's blog. These pictures are very nice. The second image is a peace lily (Spathiphyllum). The calla lily that someone mentioned earlier has more of a trumpet shape to the petal. It too, is an excellent specimen to photograph if you ever get the chance.

Best wishes to you and Pat as you begin the next chapter of your lives together.
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