Thursday, April 05, 2007


Our last Singles Club event?

Today was the monthly lunch gathering of the Singles Club of folks here in our park. It was an Easter themed potluck lunch in the clubhouse and Pat & I attended it. A friend there used my small camera to take a couple of photos of us- here is one of them:
Easter potluck lunch

We will be a married couple by the time of the next gathering of this group on the first Thursday of next month but they have said we can continue to go to their events as alumni. I kind of like that.

We have very spring like weather today, with a high temp in the mid 60s and it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I sure hope it will be this way for our wedding on Saturday the 28th!

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God, what a day it is/was today. I too hope you get a day this nice on the 28th. I'll be thinking of you that day.
What a great pic of you two! Happy Easter! two look so adorable! Happy Easter to the both of you! And Huggy, too, of course...;o)
We must have traded weather, Dick. It's headed down into the mid 20's for the low this morning (Easter Sunday), and you're having OUR weather there. :-)

I do hope the weather is glorious for your and Pat's wedding. You make a nice looking couple, and I wish you both a wonderful and joyous Easter.

Love and hugs,

You guys look so good together and so happy. I love the new RV. You guys will create so many great memories in it. Does Huggy like his new ride?

The 28th will be here before you know it. I will be thinking about you guys and hoping for a nice spring day for you.
Nice, that you can still go to the g group's meetings. Hoping you get good weather for your big day!
You two make a great looking couple and so happy together :)
No making out at the singles clubs meetings!
you make a wonderful looking couple , and look so happy that it warms the heart , good luck on the upcoming vows, May God bless you both and happiness fill your hearts , sure looks like it has .
Mr.and Mrs . Mocha , hope your wedding day is glorious and the marriage even better .
Rubs for all three kitties .
Wow the wedding is getting close. Are you getting all twittery jittery?
I hope you have warm dry weather for the wedding too.
I really like the picture,Pat is a lovely lady. I wish you both the best.
Hi Dick lovely easter ptoto of you and pat i hope you have a beatiful day for your marriage.
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