Friday, April 20, 2007


Tulip Festival Street Fair 2007

The street fair is this weekend in Mount Vernon. The weather was pretty good and it was not as crowded as it will probably be there over the weekend, so Pat & I decided to take it in today. There are booths spread in a double row down the road for about 8 blocks of 1st Street in downtown plus a few others on some of the side streets. We walked northbound for the length of them on the right, then back on the other side, with a stop mid-way for lunch. I took along my camera and took a few photos and have about 4 of them ready to post here.

Tulip Festival Street Fair 01
This is a scene showing one of the booths. Many were selling various crafts and art work, including photos. This one is a pretty good example of what they were.

Tulip Festival Street Fair 02
This little Yorkie didn't seem to mind his outfit although I really think it was too warm for him to be dressed this way. He was one of a few dogs that were in attendance. All were well behaved and all were on leashes.

Tulip Festival Street Fair 03
Another booth seen through some of the local city flower plantings. It isn't called the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival for no reason. There are tulips all over the place. The plants are grown for their bulbs that are then sold all over the world. The flowers are almost a waste product as far as the farmers are concerned. But, they are pretty.

Tulip Festival Street Fair 04
I thought this wood carver was pretty good and his wife does the painting. They are entirely hand done, with lots to choose from. I picked this one because it was kind of pretty and it was in a good position to take a photo of it.

We didn't spend a lot of money but did buy a few ear rings, a sign for a gift, a bag of great tasting roasted cashew nuts and lunch. The weather forecast for tomorrow says we may have showers and it usually seems to rain on this event, so we may have picked the best day of all three to visit. It was fun and a nice break from my packing things at home. I also got a haircut, but not at the Street Fair. I have to get prettied up for next weekend!

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It is a beautiful day today, you picked a winner.

I love the tulip festival, but i hate the crowds.
Yes, beautiful day for it, dad! I'm headed up your way for another event in Mt Vernon, the annual European Motorcycle Swapmeet @ the fairgrounds goes throughout the day. Free event and tons of bikes to come down and photograph! =) Keep the pics coming and don't scrimp on the tulips!
The festival looks wonderful, I'm sure it must have been hard not to spend a small fortune there. Looks like lots of lovely goodies to buy !!
Wow, next weekend is coming on fast now !! HOpe it all goes magically.
Take care, Meow
Wonderful comosition to photograph the tulips in front of the stalls. Great photos.
Only a week to go! Getting excited?
Hi Dick! Thought I'd stop by to say hello! Pictures are sure know your way around a camera!
The dog outfit...oh that...
Hello Dick
great to see some of your pics again , they are just like candy for the eyes , I love candy !!LOL

you sure do take a great pic, love following you around as usual , hope you had a great day .
HUGS and Scratches for the Three kitties
Take care Mr Mocha & Mrs Mocha
I dedicated today's post to you. Its called Wedding Weirdness, but don't tAke it personally. I used the Title "wedding" last year, so I had to come up with something!
Hi Dick Just popped in to wish you and pat all the happiness in the world.
Great photo's love the tulips. Oh that poor little Yorkie all dressed up.
Just wanted to stop in and wish you and Pat the very best---I know the hour is very fast approaching.

May this new path bring you both much happiness and love. Best wishes my friend.
Great pics, Dick!

I thought I'd stop by to say hello and let you know that I have been thinking about you and your big day!!!
Well, today's the day!

I just wanted to stop by and wish you and Pat all the best and I hope you have a beautiful day and a lovely wedding.

Love and hugs,

I thought you you and Pat this weekend. Happy Hitching!
Hope the wedding went wonderfully, Dick & Pat.
Take care, Meow
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