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More from the wedding

Here are some more photos from our actual wedding ceremony. I have had to work on all of these in Photoshop Elements as they were dark from the camera due to us being under the roof of the gazebo on a sunny day, so it has taken a bit longer than I had planned to get more posted. I have decided to break it down into about three sections and will start with this set which is the middle one, the ceremony itself. Later I'll post some photos from before the service, of the practice and things leading up to this point, then some from the reception after that.

Wedding 02
This first photo was taken by our friend, R, who was running the sound system. We decided we didn't want to use traditional music so the bride and her escort, along with the two flower girls, entered to the song, "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by the Australian group, Secret Garden. This photo was shortly after the whole party had arrived "on the scene" in the gazebo. The guests were on the lawn behind the priest and facing us. That was our Priest's suggestion as she said they came to see us, not her, so she wanted to have us facing them. It makes sense when you think about it.

Wedding 03
This is a similar scene taken about the same time from the position of the guests by my DIL, J. J was able to move around so she took a lot more photos than R did who was pretty much stuck in place by the sound system behind us. There were the two of us, my brother L and Pat's grand daughter N as Best Man and Maid of Honor, Pat's grand son M who escorted her in and presented her to be married, her grand son B who carried the rings, my two grand daughters K and K who were flower girls and my two sons B & M along with Pat's two daughters C & P as attendants. I think this photo shows at least a glimpse of most of them.

I am skipping over part of the service where there were two bible readings, one by my son M, the other by Pat's daughter C, followed by the song "Love Me Tender" by Elvis. Did I say that Pat is an Elvis fan? Wait until you see the wedding cake in one of the later photos!

Wedding 04
I am placing the wedding ring on Pat's ring finger in this photo. We have since taken them back to the jeweler's to have the two soldered together as they wanted to turn independently of each other as they were. They are designed to fit together and look good that way.

Wedding 05
Pat is putting my ring on me. She had a hard time getting it over my last knuckle so I ended up pushing it into it's final position and I think that is the reason for her big smile. I was threatened to not tickle her & make her laugh and I didn't do it this time. Honest!

Wedding 06
Ah, we are nearly finished. This is the final blessing by the Priest before she presents Mr & Mrs Dick Phillips to the guests.

Wedding 07
And we are leaving the gazebo to head into the clubhouse to great our guests at the reception. The music we left to was "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters, followed by "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain. You can see our two flower girls starting to follow us. They still had flower petals left and had so much fun dropping them as we came in that they did it again as we left!

As you can see from the photos the weather couldn't have been better. The day before was overcast with showers and we were really thinking it was going to happen inside but the day dawned clear and stayed that way. There were tables and chairs set up inside in the Mirror Room and outside on one of the patios so guests had their choice of where they wanted to sit. As to the service itself, I think it went very well.

I have cropped these photos to a 4 X 3 format as I just bought a digital photo frame to display them in and that is it's format. I figured I would have more control over how they look by doing the cropping myself rather than just letting it cut them. I've had too many heads partially cut off that way!

Now I've got to get back to work on my house. I've still got to sort & pack more things in order to get it listed for sale. I want to go out and use our new motorhome and Pat says she doesn't want to do that until I have finished with the house. I think she knows I am a procrastinator. More later.

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Thank you for sharing more beautiful photos with us. We can see you were blessed with nature smiling on you that special day.

It was such a beautiful wedding--I love the music that was chosen--all of it perfect.

Now get busy so you can take that trip.
Wonderful photos Dick, I can't wait to see the rest! I particularly like the one where Pat and you are both smiling.... but my favourite is the last one, I immediately thought how you are walking toward your new life together hand in hand.
What great pictures and wonderful music choices. With music like that to start you off, you two are going to have a vital life together. Makes me smile and gives me a warm feeling reading this and seeing those pics.
Lovely Photo's of the very happy couple specially the one were you are both smiling and Pat love the colour of your dress, Look forward to seeing more wedding photo's, ((((((HUGS to You Both))))))May you have many years of happiness together.
Great photos, Dick. You and Pat look sooooo happy, it is just gorgeous to see.
Hope the two of you are very happy together.
How's Huggy ??
Take care, hugs, Meow
Thanks for posting pictures! I love the one where Pat got tickled putting your ring on.
Great Photos Dick! And where did you find such a pretty day? You imported it special didnt you?
What wonderful pictures. You two look so happy together. And what a perfect song to play. I love that Shania song. Thanks for sharing your day with us.
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