Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Statcounter says over 20,000 have visited here

When I logged on tonight at about 20:00 for the first time today, I saw that Statcounter, the program I have monitoring visits to my blog, said there have been 20,001! I have been posting here about a year and a half. I would like to thank those who have been here from the start and any new visitors who happened to find my little corner of the web.

I don't have any photos to post today but should soon. I have been working on my house and have sorted nearly everything in the place. Except the shed in the carport. I am thinking that I'll be ready for a yard sale on Sat but probably not yet ready on Fri. I'm looking forward to getting this behind me so we can get on with our new life. I should have done more before the wedding to get the place ready.

Pat & I did go visit my son's Navy ship on Memorial Day and it was fun. We took Pat's 13 YO grandson along and he really enjoyed seeing the Navy base and the ship. They didn't have an official open house but since I had a family member who is a crewman we got a very good tour. I had forgotten how step those stairs (I would call them ladders) are when you go from one deck to another. And there are no elevators. I did take some photos and should be able to post a few later, when I can get them reduced in size.

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Those personal tours are nice, glad to see you enjoyed one. I know Pat's grandson did because that is a perfect age.

I know you are ready to finish with the sorting and sale---Good luck.
That sounds like a very appropriate way to spend Memorial Day.
Hi Dick,

Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by the other day. I have started sharing my blogging, though very infrequently as of late, with Shannon. And I was telling her about how when I met her a year and a half ago, her parents were in Arizona the same time you were. So I went to the archives to show her. And there I read your very first post and it made me start to cry. I am very happy that you have found a wonderful woman. God works in mysterious ways. Hope all is well. Big hugs to all. keep smilin'
Hey Dick, Congrats on growing following / readership. I look forward to seeing those Navy ships. Nothing much in our area with regards to armed forces and especially nothing that impressive. Hope you are settling in.


Congrats on 20,000!

P.S. I love this little corner of the web.

I found your blog through a site called It has liks for several RV blogs and websites. I read some of your posts and enjoy your writing. I can see why you have had 20,000+ visitors! I have a website that follows may family's camping adventures and I wonder if we could trade links. My site is new and I am trying to grow readership as you have done. My site is I'd be honored if you'd take a look and consier linking to my site, and I will link to yours.
Thanks very much for your time.
The Camping Machine Guy.
Congrats on that huge number of visitors. You sure are a popular blogger and for good reason.
Its been so nice to see you metamorph over the past year.
Dying to see a wedding day photo of huggy. Did he wear a bowtie or stick to a simple yet classic flea collar?
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