Monday, May 14, 2007


We attended a Glen Campbell concert

Our priest who married Pat and I two weeks ago gave us a pair of tickets to a Mother's Day concert with Glen Campbell at the Skagit Valley Casino's Pacific Showroom. We attended last night and had a good time, although it was over sooner than we thought it would have been. I didn't take my Nikon camera but did take the small Sony. I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to take photos or not, with a big name entertainer, but it looked like it would have been okay. Anyway I do have three photos that I'll post today from the concert, even though they are not as sharp as I'd like. It seems that in order to get good stage lighting photos I need one of the faster lenses that I can't get with the small camera.

Glen Campbell concert 01
Here is Glen singing fairly early in the show. There was a live band supporting him and the way they worked together I would guess that they are his regular band.

Glen Campbell concert 02
Glen's daughter, Debbie, was also in the show and she sang a few songs herself, then did a couple with her Dad. Here she is by herself.

Glen Campbell concert 03
And here they are singing together. I think he moves around more than she does as I seem to have less sharpness in the photos of him than I do of her.

We enjoyed the concert. The Skagit Valley Casino is one of the best of the casinos here in the northwest, but the showrooms are just flat floored with regular stacking chairs, so it is almost better designed for chairs with tables or something like that than for a live show on the stage. I'll try to get a good photo later of the outside of the place.

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Glen Campbell is a great entertainer. The photos are wonderful ... it's hard to get good shots with the lighting in concert venues.
Hope you have a great week.
Take care, Meow
Hope you enjoyed it , he has been singing for many years , did not know his daughter was an entertainer !

Dick your wedding pic are great and the close ups of you and Pat are beautiful , you look so happy , wonderful !

Hugs for the three Kittens , who I hope never lost their mittens haha , sorry couldnt resist .

Take care Mr and Mrs Mocha

Great wedding photos and concert pics. It was a gorgeous day for your wedding, wasn't it?

Glen Campbell was born and raised in Delight, Arkansas, not all that far from where I live. I really like some of his music, but like me, he ain't gettin' any younger, is he? ;D

Have a great week, Dick and Pat. :-)
Hi Dick and Pat. Hope you both had a great night,I must admit im a Glen Campbell fan and didnt know his daughter was an entertainer.
Glen is looking pretty good for an old guy! :)
My uncle Oscar used to play in the band with Glenn back in the old days.
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