Saturday, May 26, 2007


The wedding reception & The Cake

I am making pretty good progress on sorting & packing up my house. I am writing this from the new location for my PC in Pat's computer room where it was moved to yesterday. I just took a little time this evening to reduce & edit a few more photos to post so will do those now. I didn't get things ready to hold a yard sale this weekend but that might be for the better as it is a holiday weekend in the USA (Memorial Day) and many people will be away from home. I really think I can have it ready for next weekend. Uh-huh. I hope.

These photos will start out with the reception line as our guests entered the clubhouse where our reception was held.

Wedding 08
There were a lot of friends and family who came, some coming quite a distance to be here with us. These are long time friends of Pat's who have now been introduced to me.

Wedding 009
This photo combines new friends and old friends. I am shaking hands with my next door neighbor in the park, D, who I've known about three years since he and his wife, B, moved to the same park where I live. He also took some of the photos we are enjoying from our wedding day. There is also a couple that I've known since 1969, along with their youngest grand daughter who is the same age as my youngest who was one of our flower girls. D & J are the God Parents to my youngest son, M.

Wedding 010
I am about to shake hands with the Red Hatter who is now the Queen of the Little Mountain Red Hatters while Pat is greeting S with her husband B behind her. They are members of our church, St. Paul's Episcopal here in Mt. Vernon. Pat's grandson, B, who was our ring bearer, is between S & B in the background.

Wedding 011
Here is our Priest, Vicki, who not only performed our service but met with us many times before the service to help in so many ways. Thank you, Vicki!

Pat is an Elvis Presley fan. She has always been a fan of Elvis' and has quite a few things in her collection. When her younger daughter heard that we were getting married and going to have a wedding, she said she wanted to take care of ordering the cake. About all we knew about it was that it would be Elvis themed and included raspberry filling.
Wedding 0110
Here is that cake! It was wonderful.

Wedding 012
Pat and I are posed behind the cake in one of the traditional photos that you just have to have in your collection.

Wedding 013
I am including this photo just because I like it. I think we were kind of trying to decide where to cut into the cake and how we would go about it.

Wedding 014
Okay, we probably broke tradition by cutting the top layer. I guess it is supposed to be taken home and frozen to be eaten on the first anniversary. The cake was very good but we are both trying to watch what calories we eat and unfortunately cake, even very good cake, isn't on that list. So I guess it is okay that the top layer was eaten on the wedding day.

Wedding 015
We had agreed ahead of time that we would not smear cake over each other's face and we held to that promise. Here I am feeding Pat her piece of our wedding cake.

Wedding 016
And here is Pat feeding me my piece of the cake.

There will be a few more photos from the wedding in the next few days but right now I have to get back to putting things away. I have made an awful mess in the middle of Pat's computer room with boxes of my "stuff." I told her tonight that I thought I only had another 18 to 20 car loads of my stuff to bring over. She said she might move out of her own house. Good thing I was just pulling her leg. A little.

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Wonderful pictures Dick, I really love the ones of you and Pat with the Elvis cake.

Thankew, thankew verrmuch. ;-)
Great photo's!! Pat is a lovely lady. You made a great choice, Dick. Who picked out your tie? I love it!
I like the photo you said you included just because you liked it. I love your expressions in that one.

I didn't keep the top layer from my wedding cake either, Dick. For one thing every crumb was eaten and for another, I really didn't want year-old cake for my first anniversary. It must not have been a bad omen because we've been married for almost 22 years now!

Your yard sale will probably do better next weekend anyway. The first weekend of the month is usually best because retirees and other people get their checks mostly on the 1st and the 3rd of the month.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Love and hugs,

That cake is the best. So unique. Those pictures of the two of you smiling over the cake are great.
Thanks for the photos, it's fun to see the wedding and reception.
Thank you for sharing with us, you sound so happy in your post.

BTW--beautiful pictures as well.
You both look so happy, so in love with each other in those pictures. Pat has the most beautiful smile, and the look in both your eyes, well it gives me a very good glow. I wish you both all the best and many many years of joy together. Thanks for sharing your wedding with us.
May God grant you both happiness, love and peace in the years to come my friend.
Those are just fantastic photos, Dick. I looooove your cake, it is great fun. The two of you look so very happy, thank you for sharing your day with us.
Take care, hugs to you both (and Huggy, too) ... Meow
The cake is lovely. Congratulations!!
More wonderful pics. I love the Elvis cake. It almost looked too good to cut.
Congratulations Dick, you two make a great pair. So how much shooting did you get to do at your wedding? I was told to take my camera off and leave it at home during mine.

Look forward to seeing more photos and hope you had a great long weekend over there.




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Kenny Scott
Paul, I didn't do any shooting at my wedding, either. My DIL used my D200 and took most of the photos. A couple of good friends also shot photos and have given us copies of their files. I have been doing the editing in Photoshop Elements of those that I have posted here. I reduce them to 800 x 600 (or whatever that dimension comes out to be) and upload them to Flickr. They are not put on Blogspot, I just use a link to Flickr and it seems to be working fine. But I did end up buying a Pro account at Flickr.
These pics are priceless. I wanna hug you both. :)
Hi Dick and Pat,
Just love your wedding cake,and all your photo's, your smiles radiate true love.Big hugs to you both from Australia,
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