Sunday, June 03, 2007


The last of the wedding photos

Here are a few more photos from Pat and my wedding. I am a bit slow at getting these posted because I've been working pretty hard on getting the house cleared out, but I do have a few more that will probably finish the set.

Wedding 19
This first one is of my two sons, B on the left and M on the right. The photo was taken by M's wife, J, as were most of the photos I have posted. Some were by my long time friend R or his wife D and some by my next door neighbor in the park, D.

Wedding 20
This is one by my friend, R, and shows part of the mirror room in the clubhouse, where our guests were able to be seated to eat and visit. He even managed to catch me in the background opening a window for some ventilation.

Wedding 21
The outside patio was a popular seating area for some due to the fantastic weather we lucked out and had. This shows one of my grand daughters, K, at a table at the left and my nephew J with his daughter B near the right side of the frame. A long time friend of mine, DS, is seated behind my grand daughter. DS & I started kindergarten together in Spokane, WA in the fall of 1948.

Wedding 22
Another view inside the clubhouse, here looking past the kitchen area toward the library. At center left is another of my nephews, another J. My brother and I are in the middle of the photo and at the right is my neighbor, B, whose husband D was the third person taking some of our photos.

Wedding 23
We have to sign the paperwork that will be filed to make it all legal. Here is our Priest, Vicki, with Pat signing her part of them.

Wedding 24
And here is my turn to sign them. Boy, I sure need more hair!

We left the morning after the wedding to spend a few days east of the Cascade Mountains in the little Bavarian themed town of Leavenworth. I have some photos from there but haven't had the time yet to work on them. I at least reduce the size of the images before uploading them to Flickr where my photos for here are hosted. I'll get them done soon, I promise.

In the meantime, progress is being made on getting my old house cleared out. I have the den piled on one side with things to move to our new house and on the other side to move into storage. The really big pile is in the rest of the house that was going to be in a yard sale, but we had coffee last Thursday with a former neighbor who used a local auction service when he moved. I called them on Friday and have an appointment to deliver my "stuff" Tuesday. I have a rental truck reserved and my son M is coming up to help. We should be able to get it all transfered there in that one day. They will sell it in the next auction, keep 35% and I get the rest. Anything left over they will dispose of. That sure sounds a lot better than going through the problems associated with holding a yard sale! By Wednesday the house should be empty and ready to start the final cleaning. It may be listed for sale by the weekend. Then maybe we can finally take out the new RV on it's maiden voyage!

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Oh, those auction services are the way to go! Isn't it amazing how much stuff we accumulate?
An auction does seem like a lot less trouble, Dick. You might even end up getting more money from an auction than a yardsale, even with having to pay them 35% of the profits.

Hope you and Pat are doing well. How is Huggy doing these days? Did she adjust well to the move and getting along with Pat's cats?

Love and hugs,

Diane :-)
Change is such a good thing.

And hair or NO hair, you are adorable.

Hope the house sells quickly and can't wait to see more of the Adventures of Pat, Dick and Huggy on Flickr.. :)
I sell wigs. I can get you a neon orange Lady Godiva style do, if you want it...

Handsome sons!
Hi Dick, One thing with an auction you Haven't got people traipsing through your yard,and you have less hassles, and possibly you get more for it . good luck with the auction, take care
Auction service, now that sounds like a good plan!

Good luck Dick, I hope you manage to get that part all over and done with soon so you and The Missus can take that trip. :-)
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