Friday, June 29, 2007


Our first trip in the new RV

The extra house is listed "For Sale" so it was time to take a first trip in our new RV. We went north to our home park, Beachwood, at Blaine, WA, a distance of about 50 miles and it was only overnight so we didn't even take the toad (tow car- the "towed" one.) We had things to get put away and RV systems to check out and learn how to use. I had been to Beachwood before but this is the first time to stay there overnight. My original home park was at Elma, WA but since moving this one becomes it. This is important when it comes to calculating if another park is within the "125 miles rule area," where I can't stay on a reciprocal basis since it would be too close to my home park. We didn't take Huggy along this time as it was just overnight and we wouldn't have enough time to spend with her since we expected to be pretty busy learning our new motorhome.

First RV trip 01
Here we are parked in space B-134. The front tires are almost lifted off the ground by the hydraulic jacks that are used to stabilize the rig before putting the slide room out. The rooftop TV antennae is also up, but we were only able to get three TV stations in that location. One of the first things we discovered is that we need to carry along the Rubbermaid step as the "step" from the ground to the first stair to enter the rig can be quite high when the front end is raised as it was here.

First RV trip 02
A view of the hookup side and rear of the coach. I did keep my "TALLYHO" personalized license plate that dates from back in my MG car days. Hooking up went well but I do have to crawl a bit to get into storage bays that are below the slideout when it is out.

First RV trip 03
Here's an interior view showing the front TV and storage up in the entertainment center. It seems that we have the wrong TV directions and probably the wrong controller for the home theater system. The menus shown in the TV book do not match what we get on-screen and the theater system controller doesn't do anything other that turn it on & off. I was able to get things working by pushing the buttons on the devices myself but it is awkward to get to them up in those cabinets. Pat discovered a lot of things that we need to add to the kitchen area and we found that the mattress is a bit harder than either of us really likes. The shower mat we bought isn't the right size. The shower door doesn't close because the handle on the outside of it hits some wood trim, so it leaks (this will be a dealer fix.) There were a few other things like this. We need a wine cork screw (luckily the one we brought is one of those high class bottles with a screw cap!)

First RV trip 04
Here is one of my favorite photos from that trip- my beautiful bride coming out the door of the rig. The assist handles are well positioned to help but we really do need that extra step to put on the ground in places like this one when it is so high to the first step.

First RV trip 05
Here is a closer view. You would never guess that she is my favorite subject to photograph. We have also noted how quickly her Photogray glasses start to darken when she comes outside!

The trip was a success. We learned a lot and will get things better setup for our next trip which may well not happen until our July 17th trip east of the mountains to the Spokane area for almost two weeks. Today at Costco we bought a foam pad to put on top of the mattress that should make it a lot more comfortable. We also went to the Verizon store to buy a new ExpressCard aircard to connect to the Internet with my new laptop computer over the cell phone system. It is the same broadband connection that the PCMIAA card did but the new PC doesn't have a PCMIAA slot. The cord to connect to the Wilson Trucker's Antennae is on order & should be here in a couple of days. The best thing about it is that I think Pat enjoyed RVing!

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Sounds like you had a good time in spite of the trouble shooting.I hope Pat enjoys Rving as much as you, Dick. :-)

You think it might be time to update the header on your blog now? ;-)

Have a great weekend, Dick! :-)

Love and hugs,

Sounds like a very successful trip then Dick! Great shots of Pat. :)
I never realized that RVing is so complicated. Great picture of Pat.
I Loved Rving when we had one, now I car camp. When I can.
What fun it looks like you are having and to be discovering each other in new ways just adds to it. Yes, they were lovely pictures of your bride. She shows so much vitality and life in her expression.
Why do you want to watch television??!!! GEEZE!
That RV looks great.
Poor Huggy, she must be heart broken.
Those foam pads at Costco are great!
Looks like you are on your way to having a blast!
Dick, it is good to see you and the new bride in a RV again.
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