Thursday, June 21, 2007


W on global warming and my house is listed

My house is officially listed For Sale as of Tuesday afternoon! Now it will be interesting to see how long it takes for us to find a buyer.

Yesterday we stopped for coffee & a visit with my neighbors who live beside the other house. B showed me a pretty good "W" impersonation that appeared on the JibJab web site and I thought I would post a link to it here. I know that Becky, the Absent Minded Housewife is a real fan (NOT) of W so this is for her.

"W" on Global Warming

This young man looks to be about 14 years old but has done a good job. I remember seeing JibJab on the news back during the last presidential election season but I've never gone there to look around. I think now that I'll have to do that. Be sure your sound system is on when you check this link. It will play for a bit over 3 minutes.


I know you are pleased to have the house on the market now...I said that and then I paused as I thought of the many special times you had there but nothing can take away memories. You will always have your memories and now you are making new ones.

Thank you for the many kind and insightful comments you often leave me. I appreciate them more than you know.

Kids learn early these days.
You have pleased The Absent Minded Housewife. I bestow upon you the notorious Order of the Absent Minded Funny. Blog forth Sir Knight.
Good luck with the house sale. Thanks for the link. Poor W, he cant help but make himself the butt of jokes and impersonators!
Oh thank you for that link, i am now wiping my eyes from laughing so hard.

It's still a good housing market around here, your house should sell quickly.
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Kenny Scott
The kid's good! Good luck on the house sale Dick!
Hi Dick Good luck with selling your house hope it goes quickly for you . Ill just pop over to view jibjab.
Hey Dick, I tried to send you an email (FINALLY) to the only addy I have for you and it was returned as account turned off temporarily.

Donna aka Froggi
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