Friday, July 06, 2007


Cat Wars, scene 1

Huggy has lived with Molly and Peewee now for about a month. I think they are used to each other but they still hiss and chase. For the first couple of weeks Huggy was the dominant one. But one day Miss Molly, who is about the same age as Huggy (both 9,) decided that she was through being chased and hissed at in her own house and hissed back, then chased Huggy under the bed. Since then she hasn't let Hug chase her but has done it many times herself. And now Peewee has started to do the same thing, although not to the extent of "treeing" Huggy under the bed. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when Molly was not taking any guff from Hug but Peewee wasn't yet so sure.

Cat Wars I - 01
This first photo shows Miss Molly looking around the corner toward Huggy, with Peewee safely sitting behind her in the kitchen.

Cat Wars I - 02
Huggy is at rest on the living room floor. She actually is more than at rest. You can see the Purrpad Pat has for the cats. It always has kitty candy (catnip) on it and Hug has been indulging herself in the stuff. So she is in a bit of a "kitty high" but is still keeping an eye on Miss Molly.

Cat Wars I - 03
Molly and Huggy are eying each other. The Purrpad shows up better in this photo as do the Tiger Tails that also get covered with catnip. Can you feel the tension?

Cat Wars I - 04
This photo better shows the relationship between Huggy on the left and Peewee on the right. Peewee still isn't sure if she wants to take on that hissing monster in the living room, but Molly has decided to just supervise the whole event, so she has moved over to one of her proper supervisory positions.

Cat Wars I - 05
Here she is, in her chair at the dining table, where she can oversee all that is going on. This round ended peacefully as Huggy was a bit too relaxed to "go to battle" and Peewee wasn't yet ready to be so adventuresome. We still haven't had any blood let so the battles are not that serious but we do get tired of the posturing, hissing, chasing, etc. Huggy started it by acting that way when she was the new comer. I don't think Peewee even knew how to hiss until she saw Hug doing that.

In a week and a half we will go away with the motorhome for almost two weeks. We will take Huggy along with us so they will get a break from each other. I hope that when we return they will start over with their relationship and just get along or at least ignore each other. But I am not betting anyone that will happen. Maybe someday.

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Cute kitties. But they are sure a pain in the butt. I have three of the little furrballs too. they have lived together for 5 years, and they still hiss. Good luck.
I've got an old lady kitty of 13 and a young chick of 1 year old. Don't think there wasn't a bunch of hissing and posturing when I brought in that kitten! They're just now beginning to loosen up and play a little together. They may never be best pals but they do get along most of the time now.

They are funny to watch sometimes, though. :-)

I'm sure your 3 will eventually at least tolerate each other even if they're not best buddies.

Any progress on selling your house yet?

Y'all have a great weekend, Dick and Pat. :-)

Love and hugs,

I sure hope the kitties all decided to at least tolerate each other soon Dick!
I miss my cat. She stayed behind with the kids and their mother. But I was the one who picked her out and wanted her. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your cats. Very beautiful grey.
I like cats.
That was so funny and I suspect they will continue to hiss at each other. I have three that came from different places and they still sometimes do their cat things. One will sniff noses with the others or even lick and then boom, it explodes. It can be hard on the humans watching it but it's just cats establishing their pecking order and they rarely stay satisfied with it :) The break might be good for them.
Poor Huggy ... she was used to being the only child ... now she has to share !! I'm sure all 3 will get used to each other eventually ... may take awhile, though.
Take care, Meow
What a wonderful post on the cats. We are experienceing similar things here with our two new kittens. The resident cat,Tabby, Is still hissing everytime she gets too close. I sure hope they start to relax soon.
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