Monday, July 23, 2007


Duncan Gardens at Manito Park

We visited Spokane's Manito Park yesterday. There are quite a few formal gardens there including Duncan Gardens. That is the one we visited and the greenhouse with it where the plants are propagated. I only had the small Sony camera but do have a few photos and will post about four of them here.

This first photo was taken inside the greenhouse with Pat standing under a very large leaf that is a part of a much larger plant. I don't remember what the name of this plant is but it is big. And this will give a bit of a feel for what the place looks like.

There is a fairly large cactus garden inside one of the greenhouse rooms. Here is Pat admiring a String of Pearls plant that is in that room. I don't know if it has stickers like the cactus plants or not.

I found the juxtaposition of the daisies in the foreground and the cactus plants in the background to be interesting.

Here is an overall view of the formal Duncan Gardens from above. We didn't go down into the garden area, partially because it was HOT outside, about 90 degrees.

There are formal rose gardens and a Japanese garden that are both beautiful. I do have some photos of both in my album in Photoshop and may try to upload a few here, but probably will wait until I get home to look into that. I have Photoshop Elements version 5 installed on this laptop but it is a bit different from v4 that I have been using. I think I like it but it will take a little more playing with before I feel comfortable with it. Anyway, if you ever have the chance to visit Manito Park in Spokane, do so, especially if you are interested in gardening.

Here are a few more photos from that set:

Here is a kind of general view inside one of the rooms.

A neat area within the greenhouse that also includes a small stream with a waterfall.

There are some real large plants inside that place- here are a few of them.

As we were leaving the greenhouse I looked back & noticed this scene. The place is full of beauty.

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I love these pictures---there is always beauty found in formal Gardens---actually nature at its best .

Thank you for sharing with us and glad that you and Pat are having a nice trip.
Now you know I love plants, and this was a great visual tour, Dick. :-)

And string of pearls is a succulent, not a true cactus, and it doesn't have stickers. :-)

Love and hugs,

What wonderful photos, Dick, and amazing gardens. They really look well worth the visit. The photo with the daisies and the cactii is just stunning.
Hope you are having a great trip.
Take care, Meow
What beautiful pictures , I would not want to have to weed that garden LOL.
Looks as though you Pat and all kitties are getting along comfy, love the tours as always , thanks for sharing ,.
Careful driving and rubs for all three Kitties

Hi Dick. Feeling a little better so popped in to see what you been up too.Oh these gardens are beautifull just love the cacti with the yellow flowers in front. thanks for sharing these lovely photo's.
These photos were edited while we were on the road in my laptop PC using Photoshop Elements version 5. I notice now that I am viewing them at home on my desktop PC that they are a bit darker than usual. Maybe the screen on the laptop needs to be adjusted to more closely match the display I get at home? Both are LCD monitors and I do know they look different on CRT monitors but didn't realize that there was this much difference from one LCD to another.
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