Monday, July 23, 2007


Japanese Gardens at Manito Park

I found that I have a couple of photos on Flickr that were taken in Aug 2005 at the Japanese Gardens in Manito Park. I may have posted them earlier in a blog but will go ahead and do so here along with the other photos from the other gardens.

Japanese garden #2
This pond is fairly large and has fish that are quite large in it. This is a very peaceful area to visit and quite beautiful.

Japanese garden #1
Here is another area of the pond and the adjacent landscaping.

A tranquil place
And still a different area, this time showing a couple of the fish. They are at least two feet long.

These gardens are real show placed within the city of Spokane. They are located in a public park and are free to visit.

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Japanese Gardens are beautiful ... they look so very different to our usual gardens, don't they !!
Take care, Meow
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