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My "For Sale" house

LME house for sale
My house was listed "For Sale" on Tuesday, June 19th. The real estate agent held an open house there on Saturday the 23rd. One couple who looked at it that day came back the following day with the real estate agent and they then wrote an offer. It is contingent on them selling their house but they offered about what we were asking for the house. We accepted it.

The real estate agent feels that their house will sell quickly. It is small, only a 2-bedroom place, but nice and on a city lot that is above the flood plain so flood insurance is not an added expense for their buyer. She says there are very few houses available in our market that are below $250,000 and most of them are fixer uppers. Their asking price is only $204,500 and it is in good condition so a buyer will not have to spend additional money to fix it up. They held an open house there a week ago yesterday and I guess there is some interest.

With a contingent offer my house stays on the market, there is no "Sale Pending" sign put up in front. If another offer comes in the original buyer has 5 business days to finalize their offer or it can go to the new buyer. It seemed like an offer that we couldn't get hurt on.

Where I live we own the house but it is in a senior manufactured home park so we pay space rent for the lot. This is kind of a deluxe park with only 120 homes so the rent is fairly high, about $600/month. The place is beautifully maintained. The club house has an indoor swimming pool, a nice library, billiard & poker room, a large meeting/party room and a kitchen, plus the outside stuff. Our wedding and reception were held there and in the outside gazebo & you can see photos that show the yard & clubhouse in an earlier post here. I figure that with the rent, utility costs, taxes and insurance it costs us about $1000 a month to have the extra house that is just sitting there empty. I hope for a quick sale as that will be like a tax free $1000 a month increase in our monthly income.

In the meantime, I have two lawns to keep mowed. Darn.

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I sure hope it sells soon, Dick. :-)

Love and hugs,

No harm in a contingent offer! It just means that someone else can come along and scoop up your adorable house.

$1000/month? Damn, i hope your house sells quickly too. You'll be rich.
Good luck with the offer. Homes are expensive where you are compared to my neck of the woods.
Good luck Dick, hopefully it'll soon be down to one yard to mow!
Good luck selling the house,nice to have it all settled and done.
you made me laugh at your lawn comment,thanks,chuckle hee hee!!!

Take care Mr Mocha Rubs for all three Kitties ,
I forgot to say great catfight pics LOL
,hope the fur doesnt fly !!

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