Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Wireless Broadband is working

I just setup the new Broadband card on my new laptop computer. I don't have a strong enough signal at home for it to work so am sitting in my car down near the YMCA where the signal strength is good. This kind of reminds me of that first Snowbird trip alone where I couldn't connect from the campground in Fort Mohave so had to drive to neat Laughlin, NV to get a connection. Then I had the Wilson Trucker's antennae installed & it would connect from the RV in the campground. I will now have to take this PC to the RV in it's storage place & try it with that antennae. At least I now know we will have the Internet & email available next week when we head out on our trip.

Pat is working today at her volunteer job at the day surgery unit in the hospital. I am getting a few things done on my own while she is there. Getting this card working was one of the main things to get setup. Now I am off to Costco, then home as Pat will be there in about an hour.

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Is it HOT enough for you Dick?
I bought a portable air conditioner at Home Depot last weekend and I am SOOOOO glad I did!!
Wireless broadband is wonderful ... I have it for my laptop when we are travelling, but at home I have ADSL broadband.
I don't like being computer/internet-less !!
Hope life is treating you both well, and married life is great.
Enjoy your trip ... should be lots of fun.
Take care, Meow
Hi Dick, Im just back from my holidays. I also have ADSL Broadband at home . Hope the sale of your house goes through quickly and have a wonderfull Holiday. safe travels,
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