Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yard flowers from my old house

I walked down to my old house yesterday to take some photos. I had not taken any when it was empty but wanted them to keep, so did it then. The Realtor held another open house there with mine and the two nearby that are also for sale but there were very few people who came around to look. Perhaps the hot, muggy weather turned them off. I did learn more about the sale of my buyer's house. It is not a sale contingent on the sale of another house, their buyer is living in an apartment and this will be her first house. The home inspection of my house will be tomorrow, Monday, and a home inspection of their house will be on Tuesday. It does sound like they are both progressing toward closing before too long. I suppose we will end up over night mailing paperwork while we are on our trip to Spokane. Or we may come back a bit early. Will see what happens tomorrow at the inspection, but I don't expect anything serious to pop up.

Anyway, I took some photos of a couple of flowers in the back yard at that house. I have done that before but don't remember seeing these first ones last year. Pat says they are some kind of a lily and I guess it is one that grows very well here so some people consider them to be weeds. I think they are pretty.

Yard flowers 01
Does anyone know what kind of flower this is for sure?

Yard flowers 02
These are the same ones but with the camera backed away a little to show more of them. Maybe you can see more of them but it really is a bit confusing since there are so many of them in view.

Yard flowers 03
This one I remember is a climantis. There were some photos from the same plant that climbs the arbor from my deck to the yard that I posted last summer. They were taken with a tripod and the 90mm macro lens. These were hand held and just with the 18 - 200mm zoom lens.

I'll have to take the camera on the tripod out into our yard here at the new house. Pat does a much better job of gardening than I do so they are a lot prettier here. I have been told that the buyers of my house like to garden and that is what that place needs, someone who enjoys doing that type of thing. It has a yard that potentially could be very beautiful. With this hot weather I may not have to mow that lawn again!

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That red/orange flower is called a 'crocamasia' (sp)? pronounced crow - co - may -see- a

I have them in my yard too.

Have a great trip!

Sorry for not dropping by your blog for quite a while it seems, and i have your link on my Outhouse blog.
Nice to hear that you are doing well in your new path in life.
I just had surgery for a hernia a few days ago, I had intended going to the open day on the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge today but my Pat thought it was too far to drive after my surgery, and she is always right.
Very pretty flower shots Dick!
Nice photos. I dont know what the red ones are! Sorry.
I love to putter in my garden. I sometimes wornder what would happen to it all if anything ever happened to me. A silly thing to worry about. I know these new owners will really get alot of pleasure out of these beauties.
Nice flower shots, Dad! Keep up the posts and keep the pics of the fighting ninja cats coming!
Nice shots. I saw these on flikr. Very pretty.
I think your red flowers are crocosmia, Dick. Looks like it to me, anyway. :-)

Love and hugs,

Great macro work, keep it up.


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