Friday, August 03, 2007


A benefit performance for a friend

A friend of ours was seriously injured in a fall at work back in June. She is improving regularly but still can not talk and doesn't have all of her strength back yet. Since she was injured at work I think most of her medical expenses are covered but she has lost income since then and there are some expenses that probably are not covered by L & I, such as parking costs, etc. as she has to drive to Seattle on a regular basis for medical care. The people she works with at the Cranberry Tree Restaurant in Mt. Vernon held a benefit for her on July 28th with a good local band, "Work Release," donating their music to the evening. Pat & I attended along with Pat's daughter, C, who also knows K very well and it was a full house.

I took my camera and have a few photos of the band that I'll post here. I also have some of K and her family but will not post them as I haven't talked with her about doing that.

Work Release 1
Here is the full band. There are three guys on guitar, one on keyboard, one on drums and a lady singer who is very good.

Work Release 2
This is the three guitarists and the singer, under the red stage lighting.

Work Release 3
And here is the lady singer by herself.

These were all taken with the ISO kicked up to 1600 but I used the zoom lens rather than one of the faster prime lenses. I don't think there is any real problem from grain (noise) due to the high ISO setting so I will be doing this more often as I photograph things in low light levels. We will be going to another Danny Vernon as Elvis performance on the 15th and I'll for sure use this technique for photos there.

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So sorry to hear about your friend...hopefully she'll be at 100% soon!
Hi Dick,
Sorry to hear about your friend but it is so nice to see people helping others, wishing them well quickly .
and by the way CONGRATS on the sale of your house , and you always take the memories with you ,they remain in your heart no matter who lives within the walls .
Take care and Catnip for the kitties . Drive safe !
Sorry to hear about your friend, but wonderful that people are able to get together like this to help someone. Hope the evening raised lots of money, so she will be ok until she is able to get up and about again.
Sending speedy get well wishes for her.
Take care, Meow
Sorry about your friend. Can she take Paratransit to her appointments? I'm sure L&I would cover that. Email me your cellphone #. I'll call you two when I head to Mount Vernon next week.
Hi Dick.sorry about your friends accident at work and I wish her a very speedy recovery . Its nice to see her friends raising a little money to help her with her needs.
Isnt it wonderful when people pull together and organize events like this to raise funds. I hope your friend recovers quickly.
The photos are super!
I found your blog yesterday searching for RV blogs and have thoroughly enjoyed reading yours (even though it is not really all about rv'ing). I am so glad you and Pat have found each other. My husband and I bought a class C RV last year and can't wait to retire and travel full-time. I also have enjoyed reading about your 3 cats and they will eventually get used to each other. I have 7, yes 7 and they came one at a time. We still have occasional hissing episodes but for the most part, they all calm down...eventually! Good luck to you and your lovely bride and my best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery for your friend. Jeanie
I don't think I've ever commented here, Dick, but I have read occasionally. I'm very sorry about your friend, and hope she recovers quickly. I wish you and Pat well in this new chapter of your lives. God bless.
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