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A live performance from last month

Pat won two tickets to a live show on July 8th at the old but restored Lincoln Theater here in town. We were not sure who the performer was until we got there but learned that Jesse Colin Young was the lead singer from the 1960s-70s rock group, The Youngbloods. The show was a lot of fun and I did take some photos. But I kind of forgot what I had been learning about taking photos of live acts. I left the 18 - 200mm zoom lens on the camera. It doesn't offer a very fast (large) f/stop to let light in, only about f/3.5 - f/4.5, while my 90mm prime lens is f/2.8 and the 50mm lens is f/1.8. I also left the ISO setting (like film speed) at 200 rather than increasing it. So, motion is a big problem with all of the photos from that set. I have selected a few that are almost okay and a couple of them are kind of interesting in the way the movement is shown, but the sharpness isn't what I really like. I'll go ahead and post some of them as they are interesting to see, especially for anyone who remembers some of the old rock groups like I do.

Jesse Colin Young performance 01
This is the poster for the show and it quotes a line from the group's best known song. "Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now" from 1969. The poster was inside a glass window that I shot through. I took it after the show while we were walking back to the car and the light was failing. I should have taken it while we were going to the show with plenty of light.

Jesse Colin Young performance 02
Here is the group that was playing that night. I am not sure if the drummer is an original member of The Youngbloods or not but I know the other two are not. The lady fiddler is Jesse' wife and the other guitarist was probably still in diapers or not even yet born when the group was starting out. He talked some about those early years in San Francisco. The band came from New York and were sort of out of place with their suits and ties among the Hippie, Summer of Love group then current in the Bay area. But they did make good music.

Jesse Colin Young performance 03
Jesse Colin Young is a very good guitarist. He wrote most of the songs the group performed and has written many since.

Jesse Colin Young performance 04
This is the Mrs. I like the way the movement came through, with her face recognizable but a lot of motion showing up with the bow. She did move about a lot and was hard to get a photo of while standing still.

Jesse Colin Young performance 05
The other guitarist I think is a native of Hawaii. He always wears flip-flops, even on stage. Or I guess he is bare footed if not in the flip-flops. Anyway he is a good guitarist even though he didn't know this kind of music while it was originally popular.

Jesse Colin Young performance 06
And here is another of Jesse. His guitar work really is impressive.

Jesse Colin Young performance 07
Another of the whole group. This is probably about the best one of the drummer. They are hard to get good photos of as they are usually in the back of the group, so every photo seems to feature one of the other band members.

I had forgotten that I've never posted about this show on my blog. Sorry for the delay but here they finally are. What reminded me is that we attended another live performance two nights ago, the "Ring of Fire" show with a singer who sounds amazingly like Johnny Cash. I have photos from that show where I DID use one of the prime lenses and kicked the ISO up to 1600, so my shutter speeds were more like 1/60 sec. That isn't real fast but it sure makes a lot of difference. I'll wait a day or two and then try to get a post done about that one. I still have to reduce their size & upload them to Flickr. Then next Wednesday, the 15th, we will be going to another show with Danny Vernon as Elvis. Maybe he will have some new outfits. Becky, the Absent Minded Housewife enjoys seeing them because they tweak her interest as a costume maker.

By the way, my house sale did close yesterday as it was supposed to. I am now without a house of my own for the first time since early in 1969. Although I do have the RV and Pat & I are living in her house. We are now making it into "our" house.

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I was born in '63 but I do remember the Youngbloods and many of their songs. My next older sister was a rock freak and was into all the '60's and '70's music so I was educated early.

Congrats on your house closing. I know that's a relief in a way, and sad in another, but life goes on and you have a chance to make new memories with Pat now.

Hope y'all have a great weekend, Dick! :-)

Love and hugs,

Congratulations on the closing of your house. I love the way you said--making it "our" home. I hope this new journey in life will be as full of special times as your previous journeys have been.

Hope you are having a great weekend.
I remember Jesse Colin Young. Damn i'm old!
Oooooh I loved that song, and to this day I still do!

Congrats on the sale of the house Dick!
Sometimes photos that are "messed up" turn out pretty good.

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