Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A lunch time visit to La Conner, WA

Pat and I decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch today. It is located in the quaint little town of La Conner, about 15 miles from home and on the waterfront of the Swinomish Channel that separates the mainland from Fidalgo Island. Lunch was good as usual and I took advantage of great weather and a beautiful area to take some photos. Artists and photographers alike like to go here to record some of the beauty of the area.

LaConner 8-29-07 01
Our restaurant has an outside deck on the water side. While I was waiting for our lunch to be prepared I took the camera out onto that deck for a few photos. Here is one of the artists with her painting and another just beyond hers. The bridge in the background is called the Rainbow Bridge. My lighting for these photos isn't the best at about noon but with the sun starting to move back to the south (late summer) there is a bit of side lighting, so I guess the photo works.

LaConner 8-29-07 02
This shows the scene the artists were painting. I have dialed up a bit of a telephoto view (zoom lens) so things are not really quite as close as they look to be here as the lens compresses distance somewhat. As you can see this is quite a boating area.

LaConner 8-29-07 03
Here is a medium size power boat heading south through the channel. The tide is a bit low at this time. The land in the background is Tribal land on the Swinomish Reservation, across the channel from La Conner.

LaConner 8-29-07 04
Sail boats are about as popular as power boats and here is a fair size one moored alongside a small one on the same pier.

LaConner 8-29-07 05
This scene is just a little south of the others and shows a bit more of the waterfront, boats and the Rainbow bridge. The boats on the other side of the channel are mostly fishing boats belonging to Tribal members.

We needed to head back home so this was a short visit. Pat and a neighbor wanted to go to one of the local Farmer's Markets that operates on Wednesday afternoons from something like 2 to 7pm, so we hopped in the car and headed back. We went a different way and stopped at the Rexville Store because of a sign saying they had fresh berries. The stand selling them was closed as I guess the girls operating it have gone back to school, but there was a fascinating out house right in front of where we parked our car.

Porta-Potties 01
In this view it looks pretty much like any other porta-potty but I really enjoyed the sign posted on it.

Porta-Potties 02
Here is a closer view of that sign. Have you ever seen a better name for a company with this product? Seeing something like this really gives one an appreciation for advertising people. "Wizards of Ooze - Portable Restrooms." Something everyone needs. I don't think this is one of the VIP models!

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Landlocked as we are here in Arkansas all the coastal scenes are very interesting to me.

Great job with the pics and the commentary, Dick. :-)

Love and hugs,

I spent a happy afternoon last year taking photos in La Conner. we actually walked over that bridge and took pictures of the crab boats too.
Hi Dick, What a beautiful place to go to relax with Pat and have enjoyable lunch and take in all the lovely scenery.
I can understand it would be a haven for artists..
No artists were painting the porta-potties?

I once had outhouses on my checks, lol.
I like that, wizard of ooze, we actualy have a Yellow Brick Road in Oliver and the sign keeps getting stolen but no outhouse on that road.
The exposure for the pics of eclipsed moon at sunset are ISO 400 at 50th sec, exposure doesn't count in this case as the camera was attached to a spotting scope and not a camera lens so it would be a fixed aperture.
Also, although the eclipse is over, the moon is still in a lighter shadow called the penumbra so still not as bright a moon as a normal full moon.
Is that the bridge to Widbey island over Deception pass
What beautiful scenery to eat lunch by. Makes me want to go there. And I loved the port-a-potties name, how hilarious and a little disgusting.
That was fun, Dad! Nice to see that you're out adventuring some! Been missing some of the out door posts for a while, now.
Hi, this is the link to my daily photo blog, you can cut and past it into the url bar on explorer or type it
I like LaConner, it is alot like Coupeville. I have two weeks off coming up in two weeks. Maybe I can call you two and meet for latte's!
Hello Dick, there is a group of Boomers attending a Roving Rod Rally at Winchester Bay, Oregon. The event is called Crab Fest. The event is to catch and eat Dungness Crabs in the bay. We trapped more than 80 last year and there are more than 20-30 rigs there. The time is Sept 22- Oct 1. If you and Pat are interested, let me know and I will give you more information.
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