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Yet another live performance & other stuff

I hadn't planned on it being over a week from that last post of the Danny Vernon photo until this one but here it is, a week and a day. Time sure flies when you are having fun. A lot has gone on during that week. And a day.

Pat doesn't like to fly but I have managed to talk her into going to Hawaii this fall. I checked online for airline tickets and condo reservation and found we could get a good price break if we went a little earlier than I'd planned. My thought was to go in early December. But we can get a reservation at the condo for just $90 a day, up to Oct. 31st. That is if we stay seven or more nights. So, we are going over on Oct. 24th and coming home on the 31st. If anyone else is interested in a Hawaiian trip, the condo is Kamaole Sands and we got the reservation through Condominium Rentals Hawaii. The link I have included is to Condo Rentals HI but highlights the Kamaole Sands condo on Kihei beach on Maui. Then of course you need to get there as the genie hasn't yet built the bridge we can drive the RV over to Maui. Hawaiian Airlines just happened to have a special price for the flight direct from Seattle to Maui of $167 each, each way. The total cost, taxes & landing fees plus travel insurance was less then $740 for the two of us, round trip. We have a car reserved from Budget for the week. I think we are all set other than getting reservations on the local shuttle bus to and from the airport.

I went to Maui with Annie & some friends for our 30th anniversary ten years ago. That was my first and so far only trip to Hawaii and Pat has never been there so I think we will both enjoy the short vacation. Is it correct to call it a vacation when we are both retired? We are not going through Honolulu but it is just another big town, although with great weather. And this way Pat only has one aircraft take off and landing each direction rather than two each way as we would with spending any time in Honolulu. It is interesting to note that the condo and flight prices are actually less today than they were ten years ago. Of course these are special prices and probably during a normally slow time.

I do have some photos finished from a show we attended on August 9th. It featured Rusty Evans and his band in a show they called, "Ring of Fire." When he started singing his first song we were amazed to discover that he sounds just like Johnny Cash. He talked a bit about Johnny and they did know each other and have performed together in the past. I posted a link to Rusty's web site for anyone who would like to learn more about them and here are five photos from that show:

Ring of Fire 01
This is the drummer, Dan Porter, Rusty and the bass guitarist who's name I did not get.

Ring of Fire 02
Rusty's son, Danny, plays lead guitar and does backup singing. Here is Danny at the left, Dan the drummer and Rusty.

Ring of Fire 03
Rusty has written music of his own in addition to covering some of the Johnny Cash songs. His web site talks about some of the other things he has done.

Ring of Fire 04
Here is Danny Evans. He does a good job with his guitar.

Ring of Fire 05
And here is Danny and Rusty together in one photo.

We enjoyed the show and thanks to a couple of friends from church were able to get a pair of tickets so Pat's daughter C and her friend J were able to go. C is a real country & western music fan so really enjoyed the show. We did, too and would go again to hear him when he returns to our neck of the woods.

There is more but this post is getting a bit long. Maybe this way I'll do another before waiting so long.

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I'm the queen of long posts, and trust me, this one isn't that long. ;D

I don't think I'd ever fly, so until they build that bridge I'll just have to experience Hawaii vicariously. It sounds lovely, but I wonder how hot it will be?

I'll go check out that Rusty Evans site.

Johnny Cash was born and raised just a few miles from here. His son was in his hometown this week, visiting the house Johnny was born in and the school he graduated from, etc. Johnny's family and the town are planning a museum featuring Johnny memorabilia, sort of like Graceland but on a much smaller scale.

Have a great weekend, Dick!

Love and hugs,

I'm glad Pat has agreed to go to Hawaii. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal. Thanks for the link. I may use that when hubby and I go. Looking forward to seeing some pics.
Dick, Kihei is THE BEST! Maui is my favourite place in the whole world, I've been there 4 times and always stayed at the Kealia.
It's the LAST building of any kind going toward Lahaina, right on Sugar Beach. I'm so glad you talked Pat into going, I know she'll love it there too!
Have fun in Hawaii. Pat will love it there. I am jealous.
another great post , love hearing all about your travels , takes me out of my little world ,so thanks .
sounds like married life agrees with you two , wishing you both well and all kitties of course
take care on your adventures , will be waiting to read the next one
Be safe
rubs for the kitties
take care
Enjoy Maui, we have been to Kameole Sands several times, nice place and the beach is just across the road, amazing sunsets.
I must check out the price again, we started going to Mexico when our dollar was low but now the Canadian Dollar is back up near the US Dollar it may be better priced now.
Forget that Idea of going up Mt. Haleacala at dawn for sunrise, you have to set of at 3.00am to get there for sunrise, just go at sunset instead, it's the same thing in reverse.
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