Sunday, September 23, 2007


A 7th birthday party!

My youngest grand daughter, K, celebrated her 7th birthday just three days after my XXth birthday this month. Since all the kids are now back in school, her party was held on a Saturday at their house. Pat and I attended along with her other grand parents, many aunts and uncles (her mom is child number 14 in a family of 16 children) and many of her friends and neighbors. Since the party started at 1:30 in the afternoon, they started with pizza for anyone who wanted a little more lunch. Then it was time to move on to the cake for desert.

7th birthday 01
Here is the table with the cake and many of the kids plus a few of the adults gathered around, including Mom & Dad. The birthday girl is on the right side of the photo, wearing the hat.

7th birthday 02
This one looks like she is saying blowing out seven candles is no problem. She did it fine.

7th birthday 03
Now it is time to start opening the gifts. This bag was from Pat & I and contained about half a dozen gifts. No, I wouldn't spoil my Grand Daughter!

7th birthday 04
This gift is one of those from us that was inside the big bag that she was holding in the previous photo. It is a notebook with a photo of K on the cover. The photo was taken in 2004, of K wearing one of Grandma Ann's Red Hatter hats.

7th birthday 05
I think all kids like money. Someone gave her a stack of seven dollar bills and they were a big hit with K, as you can tell from her expression.

7th birthday 06
Grandma Annie was real good at picking gifts for the grandkids. She would buy them when she found them, sometimes saving them for months before the event they were needed for occurred. Sometimes they were forgotten at the time they should have been given. These sticker books were a couple of things that Annie had picked out for one of our two grand daughters, before her death in 2005 and they were safely put away. I found them this spring while cleaning out the house to get it ready to sell. So, these sticker books and a couple of small books about Kochina dolls that were with them are some of the last gifts for K from her Grandma Ann.

The birthday party was fun. It doesn't seem possible to me this little girl is already seven years old. She was born just four months after the death of my Mother and K's Grandma Ann died while K was four years old, a month & a half before her fifth birthday. In many ways it doesn't seem possible that it has been over two years since we lost Annie, either. I know I sure am a lot happier this year than I was last year. I have Pat to thank for that.

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In that pic of K with the Veggie Tales books she looks a LOT like her Grandpa Dick. :-)

Great pictures, Dick. And I remember some of your posts right after Annie died. Hard to believe we've been blogging that long or that Annie has been gone that long.

Tempus fugit - time flies.Indeed it does, my friend.

Love and hugs,

An exactly what does XX signify?

Great pics, Dad! Thanks for sharing. =) I'll bring Katie by later to see them, she loves it when she's out there for all to see. Very exciting to think that she has her own blog!
Love the picture of K on that notebook, Dick! Can you email and tell me where you got that? Looks like K had a blast...took me back to times when my kids had excited they were..memories...sigh...
Happy Birthday K!! Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself. They do grow up way too fast though. You blink and the years fly by.
Dick,I have lost your email address, when I migrated to gmail, so would you please send it back to me?

I wanted to say you should have let me know you were at Keystone, I can see the campground from where I live! I hear the ferry horn in the fog. I am just down the beach and up the hill.
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