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Coffee hour to celebrate family birthdays

The birthdays of my older son, myself and my youngest grand daughter all fall within a week of each other in September. For quite a few years I've celebrated them by doing coffee hour at church on the nearest weekend to my birthday. This year was no exception except that this year I had Pat to help grand daughter K and I. Son B is out at sea on his ship so wasn't able to be there. K's Dad is working today but her Mom brought her up and that gave Mom a chance to go do some birthday shopping without K being along.

When you need a cake for 50 to 60 or more, I think the best place to look around here is at Costco. Plus their cakes are very good and at a good price. My favorite is carrot cake and since it was my birthday and I placed the order, that was what I got.
Coffee hour 01
Here is the cake before we started to cut it. It is one half of a full sheet cake and at our store sold for $18 which seems like a pretty fair price to me. And it sure was good, although I only was allowed one small piece as I am still trying to loose more weight.

Coffee hour 02
Pat is starting to cut the cake while K is asking what do we need to do next. We are almost ready and people will be coming in soon as the church service is nearly over. Annie taught me that we always bring fruit as some people can't or don't eat cake. And there are cookies and punch for the kids but I've been amazed at how many big kids also eat them. I know- I used to.

Coffee hour 03
Pat is finishing up cutting the cake. We managed to have it all eaten so that I didn't have to bring any home to tempt me. I LOVE carrot cake! We finally did get the chance to eat a (small) piece along with some fruit and a cup of coffee. Then it was time to start loading the dish washer and clean things up. We got away just after noon and brought our extra car home as we had driven there from different locations.

Pat then took me out to Cascade Pizza for one of my favorite lunches. We even have enough left for lunch tomorrow! There is a nice steak house here in town called Max Dale's Steak and Chop House. They sent me a coupon for my birthday to get a dinner free so we are going there tonight. It will be steak time. Then tomorrow son M has the day off and we are invited to dinner with he, his wife J and the other birthday person, K. It sounds like a couple of nice eating days to me and a good way to celebrate the 29th anniversary of my 35th birthday.

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Hello and Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you DICK and to your family !!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Looks like fun and that Pat is a smart Lady about the fruit and cookies ,we women know stuff!!! , Hope your day was blessed with sunshine family and love and laughter.

Birthday Hugs for you and
rubs for the three Pussycats ;)

Happy Birthday to you, K and B, Dick! That cake looks delicious and I hope you had a good day. Sounds like you're doing some good eatin', especially that steak! Hope it was good. :-)

Y'all have a good week.

Love and hugs,

Oh, happy, happy birthday to you, dear Dick, and to K and B, too.

Hope you have had a marvellous day.

Take care, hugs, Meow
A very happy birthday to you Dick,also to K and B.Hope you all had a great day and looks like the celebrations are going on for a few days.And your Birthday cake looks lovely , Carrot cake Yummy
Happy Birthday Dick! I've followed your blog for a long time now. Also happy for you and Pat!
Happy Belated Birthday, Dick!!

That cake is tempting me from here!!
Cake looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for stopping by, Dick, and I wanted to come over to see what you're up to and omg, the celebrations are all over the place! Happy Birthday to you, too, and I am so happy for you!
Happy birthday and hope your year ahead is a great one. Pat's dress is lovely and your cake looks yummy. I also love carrot cake and rarely buy it for the same reasons you avoid it except for special occasions.
Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo.

I love carrot cake too, that's why i never make any. :)
That cake looks yummy
Happy Birthday!

My husband took me out to a local fancy schmancy steakhouse for our anniversary. My frugal little brain about fell out of my skull. I enjoyed every single bite of that $40 steak.
Happy birthday Dick! It looks like you are enjoying it. That cake looked good, especially for the price. Costco does have some great deals. Hope you enjoyed your steak!
Happy Birthday Dick! Carrot cake is one of my favourites too!
Happy Birthday!!

The cake looks yummy!! Carrot cake is my favorite too.
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