Friday, September 14, 2007


An old fashioned county fair visit

Pat and I attended the Skagit County (Washington) Fair this summer and I took a few photos. One advantage of us being retired is that we can go anytime. The first day of the fair they offered free admission from it's opening at noon until 15:00 and we of course managed to get there within that time. Neither of us really enjoys riding on roller coasters and other similar rides in the Midway, so I have no photos from there, but there is one for those who want to ride them. They pretty much take over the RV parking area to place the things so if you want to go and take your RV, you'd probably better make your reservation for next year about now!

Fair 01
This first photo is just a general scene taken on a part of the grassy area where many of the commercial exhibits are located. There are also a couple of inflated ride type things aimed at smaller children. As you can see there are a couple of sports fields in this area, too. The clouds were there early on but soon cleared to mostly sunny. It gave us a pretty nice temperature to spend the day outdoors in.

Fair 02
There were some trained pigs there that put on a show. I wasn't highly impressed but here are a couple of photos of them. We thought there were going to be pig races and that sounded like fun but these really didn't do very much. Here is one riding something like a skate board and honking a horn.

Fair 03
And here is the same pig "jumping" through a hoop. Oh well, it was different.

Fair 07
This was interesting. There are a lot of raptor type birds in our area, especially eagles. There are also a couple of places that help these birds when they are in distress to nurse them back to health enough so that they hopefully can return to the wild. This is one of those groups and they brought quite a few birds along to view and talked about many of them.

Fair 06
I am not sure just what kind of a bird this one is and it is actually one of the smaller ones that was there. But it is still pretty good sized.

Fair 05
This one is an eagle and it is a little hard to tell how big it is in this photo, so here is one with a lady holding the bird:
Fair 04
They look a whole lot bigger up close like this than when you see them flying or sitting on the top of a tree off in the distance. It is easy to see how they can carry off a small dog or a cat.

Fair 08
There were many examples of plants as well as animals there. This exhibit had more of these kind of flowers than I realized existed. You can probably tell by the name of this one why I liked it, as well as it's dramatic look.

Fair 09
This is just a photo showing a variety of colors and flowers. I kind of like the look of it and find those blue flowers unusual.

This fair only happens once a year although most communities, especially those farm oriented, have their own. There are other bigger ones not too far away but I think that you loose a lot of the intent of a fair when they get too big. The big Puyallup Fair, also called the Western Washington Fair, holds two a year. The spring one is a lot smaller and in many ways more fun. Of course you won't see the big name entertainers at the smaller events! So I guess I should be happy with the pigs.

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Hi Dick. the fair looks like a lot of fun. The pig wouldnt interest me either, but the flowers thats my scene Love Pats Dream, Fuchsia my favorite flower along with roses. How are the cats behaving these days?..
Looks like y'all had fun. Love the pigs! My sister tried raising pot-bellied pigs years ago. The first time they broke out of their pen...that was enough. Ever tried to catch a pig? Have a great weekend.
Great Pictures as always Dick,love the pig pic, so cute , thanks for letting us tag along , enjoyed it all .Hope you guys are well and happy .scratches behind the ears for all three kitties

Be safe
Great photos!
I actually went to our Fair last month also, after we drove in the parade.
Geeze, I KNEW there was something I was supposed to do yesterday! I forgot to call you to meet for mochas. I pick up my glasses in a week, so if I don't forget, I will call you then!
Did you change your email?
I sent you a warning about the storm today but it was returned.
I didn't realize that bald eagles were that big. What a magnificent bird. I like "Pat's Dream" as well. Very pretty and exotic looking.
Is that one bird a hawk that you couldn't identify? We have a lot of htem around here and they look similar.
It might be a hawk. It isn't as big as the eagles.

Phyllis, I had to change my email when I moved onto Pat's DSL. I've sent you the new one.
Looks like a wonderful day. I love the shot of that huge eagle!
Happy Belated birthday my friend!
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