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The condo at Kehei, Maui

Our flight on Wednesday, Oct. 24th from SeaTac Airport in Seattle to the Hawaiian island of Maui was pretty uneventful. It left on time at 10:35 PDT and landed on schedule in Maui at 13:25 after a 6 hour flight. Wait, that doesn't add up does it. But it does since Hawaii is two time zones west of Seattle and Hawaii doesn't do Daylight Savings Time, so it is three hours earlier here than it is at home.

The day before we left we had temperatures in the mid-70s which set records for high temp. The day we left it was 20 degrees cooler. When we got off the plane on Maui it was 87F. But it does cool down to about 70 at night and the trade winds are blowing all of the time so you kind of have natures AC at work. But it does feel hot to just sit in the sunshine!

We are staying on the south-west side of Maui on the dry side of the island in an area called Kehei (key-hay), in a unit in a condominium called Kamaole Sands. Kamaole Sands is on a 20 acre lot with a road that winds around the perimeter & has ten buildings located around the sides in kind of a horseshoe shape. The complex is about 20 years old so the plantings are beautifully matured. Each building is 4-stories high with an elevator. We are in a one-bedroom unit on the third floor of Building 10. There is a nice living room, dining area, kitchen, two bathrooms and one bedroom. The unit also has laundry facilities. There is a walkway on the front (south) side of the unit and each has it's own lanai or deck facing the central garden area.

Maui 01
This is the front of our condo building showing the main entrance with the elevator ahead to the left. Our unit is 302, the second from the end at the left. Looking at the left of this photo you can see the gates to exit the property and just across the street is Kamaole Park III and the Pacific Ocean.

The central area of the complex is a beautiful garden. On the day we arrived they had free mai tais at the swiming pool area so we attended.
Maui 02
Here is Pat walking back to our unit which you can see ahead at the left side of the photo. The area ahead along the road is like the open part of a horse shoe that runs along the road. The park is just across the road and the ocean right there. There is also Kamaole reef III which is a good place to snorkel.

Maui 03
There are some ponds in the garden, this one with fountains that are lighted at night with color changing lights.

Maui 04
This waterfall is a part of the upper pond system in the garden. There are two foot bridges over these connecting one side of the garden to the other.

Maui 05
This is the swimming pool complex where we went for the mai tais.

Maui 06
This is an early morning view of the garden area from our third floor deck. The fountains have not yet started spraying water- they turn off over night.

Maui 07
This is another view from our deck with the telephoto lens of the bigger pools and one of the foot bridges across the ponds.

Maui 08
This view is looking to the south east from the entrance side of our unit, on the third floor. You are looking at one other building in our complex and many other buildings in the next condo, plus the foothills in the central part of Maui. This is the edge of Haleakala, the 10,026 foot tall volcano that formed this part of the island. It has been dormant since 1790 but geologists say it is past due for another eruption. Probably not before next Wednesday.

Maui 09
This is from about the same place as the last view, but is looking west across the Pacific Ocean to the two other islands that are just offshore from Maui. I believe they are Molokini (the smaller one) and Kahoolawe.

You now have a bit of an idea what we see each day as we come & go here. More later but at this point these are all the photos I have had time to work with. We are having too much fun to sit inside with the computer! Time now to go to Fred's Mexican Restaurant for dinner, then to the nearest ABC Store.

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It's gorgeous, Dick. I really like the reflections in the water of the ponds in the pic you took with the telephoto lens.

I'm looking forward to your pics of the ocean!

Don't drink too many mai tais! ;o)


wow, what beautiful photos. Sounds like you are having a great trip. Thanks for sharing some of it with us. wonder they call it paradise. guys deserve it!
Kihei IS paradise! Lovely shots Dick, I can't wait to see some ocean pics too. Everytime we went there our favourite place to eat was breakfast at IHOP. Will you and Pat be making a day trip to Lahaina to browse the shops and go for lunch?
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