Monday, October 29, 2007


A couple of beach scenes on Maui

Diane has asked for some photos of the ocean. I have some and will post more after we get home and have more time to work with them but I did go ahead and do a couple of them quickly tonight, so here are a couple for Diane.

Maui 10
This is a scene alongside the road north to the old Hawaiian Royalty's favorite place to entertain, and later the whaling town for sailors, Lahina. This location is just a few miles south of Lahina and is a pretty good representative of many of the beaches around Maui. Some are clearer of trees and some have more sand. We had just pulled the car over & gotten out to take some photos when these people came along and I thought they added to the photo.

Maui 11
This near sunset photo was taken at a location close to the last one, but a day later. There is so much beauty here that it is almost hard to take a bad photo. We are doubling our chances with both Pat and I taking photos with two different cameras. Tonight we spent some time looking up a source for blank DVD disks to burn photos onto so we can free up the three memory cards Pat is using. I have all the photos on the computer hard disk but I like to have redundant backups, so needed the DVDs. There are now over 4Gb worth of photos from this trip, between us. We take some of the same things but she sees things differently and more likely will end up with a different photo of the same subject than I do. Again, we will try to post more of both of ours after we get home and have more time to work on them without cutting into our tourist activities. We only have one more full day on Maui before we have to return to the cold frozen north. Well, it isn't that bad but the weather sure is not what we have here!

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Thanks, Dick! The pics are gorgeous, especially that first one. I think I agree with you, it would be almost impossible to take a bad picture of anything in Hawaii.

Enjoy your last day, and safe journey home. Looking forwards to seeing more of your pics when you get home and have a chance to work on them.

Love and hugs,

It's BEAUTIFUL here today, but, alas, not warm. Thanks for the glimpse of heaven.
Hi Dick, Beautiful photo's of your holiday in the last post. I think the people on the beach add to that lovely pic. Enjoy the rest of your holiday,,
I'll bet you wish you could just stay on there.... I know I do when I'm there. Beautiful beach shots Dick, and you're right it is pretty hard to get a bad shot of Maui!
Great shots. It makes me want to go there and see it for myself. It's one trip hubby and I have on our to do list. I want to renew our vows on the beach there.
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