Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Hi from Coburg, Oregon

We left home this morning just after 08:30, stopped & got my mocha for the road, then headed south for Oregon in our RV. There was a slight delay in Everett and a BIG one in Seattle that I think was caused by lane closures to check the condition of a bridge on I-5. We stopped to fix lunch in the first rest stop south of Olympia and left there as the rain started coming down harder. Much harder. There was rain until south of Chehalis and it started again south of Portland but had ended before we arrived at Coburg about 16:30.

Coburg is about 10 miles north of Springfield, where we have an appointment tomorrow morning at AM Solar to have the solar panels that I kept from my Sea Breeze motorhome installed, along with a new controller for them and two 220 amp hour 6 volt AGM batteries. These should give us a whole lot more boondocking capability and probably prevent any risk of running down the engine start battery, as the controller will also supply a trickle charge to them. In some ways I'd like to have an inverter but don't think I will get a big one like I had before as I really don't need it or have the battery capacity in this rig to support one. It just takes too much power from the batteries to run the microwave and that is about the only reason to buy a large one. They won't run the air conditioner. Something smaller will easily run the TV & sound system and charge camera, phone, etc. batteries.

I had planned to use some of our membership campgrounds after tomorrow to visit the Oregon Coast but it seems they are full with those in our travel group. I belong to Resorts of Distinction for which I pay about $160 a year in dues (that includes a couple of other things.) For that I can stay so many days for free in the campgrounds that belong to the ROD group. But they do limit how many ROD spaces they will reserve for any given day. I thought there would be no problem with this being a mid-week day after school started but I guess there are so many fulltime RVers who use this program and do plan well enough ahead that all the available spaces have been taken. I may have to rethink my use of some of these plans. I have a couple of others that may work & will try them tomorrow. Today I was mostly driving so didn't have much time to spend on the phone.

Anyway, the RV park we are in tonight (Eugene Kamping World) is a private one open to anyone but the fee is fairly high. It cost us $25.50 for the one night whereas if we were able to be in an ROD park there would be no additional charge. I had planned to stay in a private park in Tillimuk as we want to visit the cheese factory there and I may do the same thing at Cannon Beach. I'll see what I find tomorrow from Coast to Coast and AOR. We have the news on the TV now from Eugene and it looks like rain the next two days, then showers Friday and probably fairly nice Saturday & maybe Sunday. On Monday we will be driving home from wherever we end up Sunday night. So we will be home Monday night.

I don't have the photos from Pt. Townsend along with me on this trip so will have to wait until we get back to do that second post about our last week's camping trip. I may be able to post a few from here on the road while we are traveling but should at least be able to make a few text posts. We are comfortable in a full service campground tonight. I don't know where we will be tomorrow night but will find out tomorrow!

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I hope you get some good pictures at Tillamook. I'd love to tour the cheese factory there! I love cheese and have tried my hand at a little amateur cheese making with pretty good results.

Hope you get your batteries etc. installed as intended and get some free spots to park the RV. $25 here and there isn't too bad, but it adds up after a while!

Safe journey, Dick and Pat.

PS: Is Huggy with y'all on this trip?


A cheese factory? That would be great. Hope you have better luck with the RV parks as it would get expensive after awhile to have to keep paying.
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