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Port Townsend, Washington

I have finally gotten the chance to go through and edit down some of the photos from our trip to Pt. Townsend, Washington on Wednesday, September 26th. I was over there in early October of last year with two RVer friends who were staying in a campground near there. This time I was with Pat and our neighbors, D & B and we were staying in our RVs at the campground at Fort Casey State Park on Whidbey Island. Pt. Townsend is across Puget Sound from there, accessed by a ferry boat ride normally of about 20 minutes.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 01
This is the waterfront of town looking east from the ferry as we were docking.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 02
Out west here we don't have the long history of things back east but Pt. Townsend is one of the oldest communities in the state and there are many stately buildings. We were just walking so didn't have the chance to get around to see many of them but this one and the next were on the bluff above the ferry dock. I think this is a government building of some sort but maybe someone reading this will know for sure and can enlighten us in a comment.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 03
There are many beautiful and well restored mansions in town. This is one easily seen as it is just above the ferry dock.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 04
Here is a street scene from the main road that runs east into the downtown area from the ferry dock. There are many little shops that sell various things. Pat purchased a new purse and strangely enough, her daughter who was on a vacation trip to Leavenworth, WA, on the other side of the Cascade Mountains, bought an identical purse over there. They both like small purses but had gotten to the point where they needed one a little larger than they had.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 05
Another street scene. The building with the parts that are outset from the wall is a condo. Anyone want to buy a half million dollar condo in downtown Pt Townsend?

Pt Townsend 2007 - 06
This is my favorite building in town. It was constructed in 1889 and is beautifully restored. I have a photo of this from a different angle in my set of photos from the previous trip to Pt Townsend in my archives for Oct, 2006. I sure wish the town would spend the money to put those ugly power & phone lines underground!

Pt Townsend 2007 - 07
There is a lot of artwork around town and this is an example. This turtle is fairly large and has a map of Whidbey Island inlaid into it's shell. If anyone wants to buy it I have a photo of the sign with the contact numbers for the artist. I don't know the asking price.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 08
I didn't have my macro lens along but when we found this little caterpillar on a pole I wanted to get a photo. It looks like it has two heads!

Pt Townsend 2007 - 10
This piece of artwork is a metal dragonfly.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 09
And here is a bouquet of glass flowers that were in a large vase outside one shop.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 11
Pt Townsend does have some quiet places along the waterfront in the downtown area and this is one. You can see the ferry slip in the background and a sail boat a bit farther out.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 12
Much of the driftwood along the Sound gets picked up and taken home for souvenirs but I think this one is a bit too large to handle, so it has stayed in place.

Pt Townsend 2007 - 13
The ferry Klickitat is coming out of the fog bank and heading toward the slip in the late afternoon sun. We were on the dock waiting for this boat which was to be the last one of the day as the low tide later in the evening would keep the boat from getting into the slip at Keystone on Whidbey Island. When the boat docked & had unloaded, the Captain made a public announcement that said they would load us and attempt to find and get into the slip at Keystone, but it was possible they might have to bring us all back to Pt. Townsend for the night. That didn't set too well with us as our neighbors had their parrot in their RV and she needed to have the windows closed up and some heat overnight. Plus it would have been a real big expense to have to buy housing and extra meals.

The boat loaded and left & was soon into the fog bank. Then it got dark. It is a bit eery out on the water in the dark when you can't see anything. The boat does have radar but I guess it isn't good enough to locate the small entrance to the harbor at Keystone. When they got close enough to see the shore, they were about half a mile too far south. They proceeded north and as we got near the slip, enough of the fog lifted to make it show up clearly and we went in.

Ft Casey 09
This photo of the boat in the slip loading for the return trip was taken while we were walking in the campground to our rigs, alongside the ferry slip. It is hard to imagine from this view that there is dense fog not too many feet out from shore, but there sure was. Anyway, our trip to Port Townsend was fun and ended on a rather eventful note.

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Awesome pictures Dick , well they always are arent they !!LOL ,,,,you have a great talent that is for sure . Thanks for the tour ,love seeing all the places you go , wonderful for someone who doesnt travel much ,so much appreciated ,you have a wonderful week ,you and Pat and three kitties LOL
Travel safe and watch out for that fog ,,,,tee hee,,(evil grin )

Rubs forthe three little kitties
Take care

I remember you editing out the power lines in a few of your pics. It does distract from a good pic, doesn't it?

In that third pic I see some kind of straps on the chimneys of the mansion. I suppose they're support for those extra tall chimneys.

Love the glass flowers, but I think they're more for a commercial setting than a home.

I like the moon reflecting on the water in that last picture of the ferry slip.

Hope you and Pat are feeling better now.


You take some great pictures Dick.
Fabulous shots Dick, I really like the glass flowers and the ferry in the fog.

Looks so peaceful there!
That would be nice if they would spend the money burying those lines. That is a gorgeous building. I love the restored mansion too. I love looking at old houses and buildings. I like to imagine what it was like to live in them originally.
Excellent photos, Dick.
Hope you and Pat are well and happy.
Sorry I haven't been by for such a long time ... hope I can make it more regularly again now.
Take care, Meow
You make me look forward to next year when my daughter is off in college and my husband and i can travel more.
Wonderful photos Dick. One of these days we will get down across the boarder for a couple of days. With the candian dollar at par, it would be well worth it. Wha a fabulous area tht is.
I hope you and Pat are both feeling better by now.
Great photo's dick, love all the buildings, and just love the sunset on the water with the ferry.
hope your both feeling well again. take care.
That last photo is of the full moon over the water, rather than a sunset. I didn't have my tripod but was able to rest the camera on a picnic table to keep it still enough for the fairly long exposure.
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