Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sunrise over our house

This time of the year we do get some spectacular sunrises and since our house faces east we get to see them. Plus, we tend to be fairly early risers so are also up and about at that time. Last Tuesday was a great example. Pat had already left for her every Tuesday volunteer job at the hospital when I noticed what was going on about 7am and went out with my camera. I took a lot of photos but have managed to narrow them down to just four to post.

Sunrise 00
In this first photo the high clouds are well lit while the sun is just beginning to kiss the surface of the low clouds near the horizon. This view is looking mainly east but a little to the north. The houses shown are those across the street from ours.

Sunrise 01
I have darkened these just a little as the camera light meter tends to lighten them to a standard which makes them too light, or lighter than it actually was. The sky areas are still quite dark as the sun is well below the horizon yet.

Sunrise 02
Here is a closer view of some of the most brilliant areas of clouds, taking advantage of the 200mm telephoto lens to reach out there.

Sunrise 03
And here is a wider angle view of that area when it is near it's peak of brightness. It is hard to narrow it down to where to aim the camera as it is all beautiful and of course the sky is constantly changing as the sun moves closer to the horizon & breaking out in full view. It is this angle light that gives the clouds the highlighting with the dark sky behind, and with the low angle of the sun making it's light shine through a lot of our atmosphere, the color of light tends to the red spectrum.

This morning there was another spectacular sunrise and I again took some photos but haven't had the chance to do anything with them yet. This time there was no noticeable fog until the sun rose so I was able to pull in Mt. Baker, our 12,000+ foot tall volcano mountain, with the brilliantly lit clouds around it. Baker was not visible due to the already formed fog when these were taken last week. I will post one or two later after I have time to work on them. I also have a lot of photos from Pat & my trip Friday with my YMCA group back to the Eastern Washington town of Leavenworth. More later.

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God does do some nice artwork, don't He? :)
Blessings upon you and your house.
What a wonderful sight to wake up to. I love sunsets and sunrises. Gorgeous.
If we only take time to stop and look around---beauty is at out doorstep in some form.

Thank you for sharing as you do, beautiful pictures as always.
Beautiful and Beautiful job , I took some pics of some different cloud formations at our cabin Fri eve past they were very pretty and unusal looking for here but nothing compared to the colours here , you have an awesome eye DICK!
Hope you are all well and Tickles on the tummy for all three kitties , ok get Pat to give you one too ! HAHA
Take care and Be safe .


As the sunrises get later, there is more chance that i will see one. :)
Beautiful pictures Dick! I love God's paintings.
Wow, great photos. I love pictures of sunrises and sunsets and you captured those beautifully
What a stunning sunrise ... I think that time of the morning is always special, and it often pays to have the camera handy !!
Hope you and Pat are doing well.
Take care, hugs to all ... Meow
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