Saturday, October 06, 2007


Were are back home

Pat had a pretty bad cold that started just before we left Tuesday on this trip but has been a real trooper to go along. But I knew she wasn't feeling very good and really want her to enjoy our RV travels. So, we decided to head for home after the solar install rather than for the Oregon Coast. I guess that was a good deal as now I have the cold and I am not as "good" of a patient as she is, plus I am the driver of the RV.

We got home yesterday afternoon, unloaded the rig, parked it, then a bit later went to dinner. By the time we got back from dinner I was not feeling good and am still not. I will try to get to some of the photos tomorrow and make a post on the Port Townsend trip and our solar system. We do have some photos the shop took of the system and some photos of the RV parks where we stayed.

Now I think it is time for another aspirin and Benedryl, then a snooze as that is what Benedryl does to me.

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Sorry y'all are puny and had to cut your trip short.

Get well soon, Dick and Pat.

Love and hugs,

Colds are just lousy. I hope you feel better soon.
Get better soon you two, sending you some cyber chicken soup!
Hope you're both feeling well soon!
Hope you guys are feeling better soon.
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