Thursday, November 29, 2007


Homes of Maui

We took some photos of some of the houses we found in the little town of Kula which is on the flank of Mt. Haleakala. I don't know the elevation here but would guess it is around 3000 feet, high enough the temperatures are not so hot as down at sea level but still low enough to not have it as cold and windy as at the summit. The plants here are also different and there is a teaser photo coming here in this post to show them but I'll do a full post on this most fantastic flower later. Anyway, here are some of the homes we saw, most taken by Pat with the Sony camera as the car was moving so the sharpness is not perfect.

Maui 86
A beautiful home and with beautiful grounds. There are a lot of them somewhat similar to this. Notice they make good use of picture windows and decks to enjoy the great views.

Maui 87
Another home in the same general area. These are along the highway we drove to the summit but before the turn off where Pat took the photo of the sign post in the previous post.

Maui 88
The grounds of this place were so large that we couldn't see the house but did photograph the hedge, Bird of Paradise flowers, statues of horses and other things that were visible from the road. These flowers were all over the place in this town.

Maui 89
Our motion is showing up a little in this photo but you can see the place. I am glad that I don't have to mow these lawns but I'll bet the owners hire it done! As I said earlier, I don't know the value of these places but we did hear radio ads for starter type homes in the low $600-thousands on Maui, so I'd bet these are multi-million dollar places.

Maui 90
This house in the background isn't as impressive as the others were but you can see how they are perched high to maximize the view opportunities. The main reason I took it is for the bush and flowers in the foreground. I will do a whole post soon on these most amazing flowers. Consider this just a teaser. Does anyone know the name of these (I do)?

Maui 91
After our adventure on the mountain we needed to stop for lunch and picked this Inn. The grounds here were beautiful and I'll have some photos to post soon. This shows a general view of the area outside through the windows and a closer view of the most beautiful flower I found in Hawaii. And I got to bring her home with me!

Maui 92
This was taken from our table in the restaurant at the Inn, just a quarter turn to my left from where the previous photo of Pat was taken. There is a little glare or something from looking through the glass, but this will give you an idea of the view these homes enjoy. You are looking across the flat part of the Island that is between the older West Maui Mountains in the far background and the newer, larger part where Mt. Haleakala is located. If you look carefully you can even see the water at the middle left side of the photo.

Maui is a beautiful, unique place. This was my second trip and Pat's first and I think we would both like to go back sometime. The only negative is the long flight to get there & back and the hassles of air travel anymore. But once you are there, it is well worth it.

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Beautiful pictures in this post and the one below, Dick. I watch and read everything I can find on volcanoes and earthquakes, so I especially appreciated the pictures of the summit and crater.

I used to think I would love to live in Hawaii, but in my middle age I think I like having 4 distinct seasons too much to be happy living there year round. Those multi-million dollar homes are another good reason to stay where I'm at!
Thank you for sharing this series of holiday photos. The Haliakals pics are really impressive. I also enjoyed Lahina, you brought back alot of fond memories.! So glad you had a nice time.
Hi Dick, Beautiful Photo's and your favorite subject looks soooooooo happy and relaxed.the first couple of photo's remind of a Queenlander set up high.
Ill Keep well away from the Volcano and the terrian looks so rough and the plants are facinating, Nows there a lovely photo of the Groom and his favorite subject....keep having fun together..
Lovely shots Dick! That first house is impressive, and I LOVE the trees behind the horse statue!
You ready for the next storm? I hope you are far from the river!
I would love to go back to the islands. I have not been there since 1959!!!
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