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Maui Sunset Luau

On Thursday, October 25th we attended the Maui Sunset Luau on the beach at the Maui Prince Hotel.

Maui 13
Here is Pat walking down the path toward the Luau. This one was in Wialea, pretty close to where we were staying in Kehei so it didn't take too long to get there. Just around the curve that is ahead of her is where we checked in - we were pre-registered to attend.

Maui 14
At that point there was a photographer who hung plastic leis on us, took our photo, then took back the leis. I guess that was okay as she and I both went to quite a bit of effort to get Pat leid before we came home and I have a photo of her in that real orchid lei that we took today at home. I'll post it at the end of this series on our visit to Hawaii. Suffice it to say, she did get leid in Hawaii.

The Luau started at 17:00 with Mai Tai's or Blue Hawaii's to drink, with beer available soon after. We have decided that we do like Mai Tai's. The Blue Hawaii's are good but a little too sweet for our taste. Traditional music was played live on stage while we were getting to know our table mates - up to ten at a table.
Maui 15
This photo is looking northwest across the table area toward the stage and the Pacific Ocean in the background. Through the trees the part of Maui that is made up from the old volcano and is now known as the West Maui Mountain range can be seen in the clouds. Some Blue Hawaiian drinks can be seen on the closest table. They really are blue in color!

The men lighted the torches to start the festivities in a traditional way. The band played while other men opened the pit to remove the pig that had been cooking there all day. This first photo shows the pit opened with the internal cover about to be removed:
Maui 16
Pat is on the opposite side taking photos with our Sony camera, although I didn't realize that she had come to the pit to do that.

Maui 17
The pig is on the hand carried tray to take it to be cut up for the serving line. It really doesn't look much like what you would think a pig would look like, but it sure was good tasting!

Maui 18
That night was the full moon for the month so it was a very good night to be on the beach for a giant party like this. Here the moon has risen above the mountain that is the currently dormant volcano, Haleakala and can be seen through a palm tree. Some of the other Luau attendees at an adjacent table are visible as is the food serving line behind them and a part of the hotel in the middle distance. It was a very beautiful night, with a temperature in the high 70s at this point with a very light wind.

The meal was wonderful with a few things we are not familiar with but all were good. To a greater or lesser degree. After dinner the traditional show started. I don't know how many different ways there are to do a Luau but both of them that I have attended have generally followed a similar story, that of telling of the different traditions and costumes of the various Islands that make up Polynesia. I don't know which places go with which costumes as I was busy taking photos and not notes, so will just show some of them here.

Maui 19
This young lady is really getting into her dance and seems to be having a lot of fun while providing great entertainment. I don't know how comfortable those coconut shell halves are worn where she is wearing them but I doubt they were included in the original way of dressing. Those I am sure came with us to the Islands.

Maui 20
We were seated about midway between the stage and the back, so had a couple rows of tables in front of us. It would have been nice to be able to eliminate the heads that show up in silhouette in most of these but it can't be done. Even if I were in the front row I couldn't get the whole stage width in a photo and the people don't want to sit so far back that I could shoot the whole width without people in the way. As you can see both male and female dancers are involved and the costumes are somewhat similar. Except for the coconuts.

Maui 21
Another female dancer with the costume from one of the other Islands.

Maui 22
These I do remember were Tahitian in origin.

Maui 23
Two of the guys show they are having as much fun as the gals were.

Maui 24
I remember them saying the gal in the middle here with her back to us at this point was a Princess from the Island where the costumes originate.

Maui 25
Those things tied around the lady's waist are two balls on the ends of a short rope and later in the dance they took them off to spin around. It is pretty colorful but does not photograph very well in the low amount of light that was there. They just look like streaks in the air.

Maui 26
I sure wouldn't try this at home! This fire dancer is good but I'll bet he practiced a long time with unlit sticks. This is the final part of the show before the wrap ups.

Maui 27
Another example of where the low light level does not let the camera stop the motion of the sticks he is spinning but here it works okay as the fire on the ends of the sticks is it's own light source.

Maui 28
This is the wrap up of the show. It was over before 20:00 hours and the air temperature was still 75 degrees. Would I go to another Luau? In a heartbeat and if you have the chance to attend one be sure to go.

Maui 12
Here is another sunset with my bride and I on the beach in our swimsuits in front of the setting sun. This beach is Kamaole III and just across the street from our condo. This photo actually was taken the night before we left Hawaii but I thought it kind of fit here with the Luau on the beach photos. Isn't she cute?

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Fabulous photos Dick! It looks like a wonderful honeymoon! The luau looks like fun. We couldnt afford that when we were there.
We went tio Maui 15 years ago. We also stayed in to Kamaole Sands Condos. Your photos bring back alot of memories, The place is so well maintained, It doesn't look a day older that it dad back then.
My favorite is you and pat on the beach at sunset!
Absolutely gorgeous....the sunset one with the sky colors, breathtaking!

The feast....I could hear the drumbeat and see the dancers. Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful photos and you are both cute. Looks like you had a relaxing and great trip
I agree with the rest of the crowd: the last pic of you and Pat on the beach with the setting sun behind you is the best of the lot. The rest are great, but that one is special.

So you paid special attention to the fact that the gals had coconuts but the guys didn't, eh? LOL! ;o)

And I am so relieved to know that Pat got leid before y'all left Hawaii. ;D

Have a great week back home, you two.

Love and hugs,

What fun that must have been!
I was in Hawaii (Oahu) in 1959 when it became a state.
I remember going to Honolulu with my family on a bus to enjoy the festivities and seeing dancers like that. I don't know if I'd want to go there now.
I was a beautiful paradise, that is for sure.
Great photo's!!
You and Pat look so happy.
Looks like you have a good time and thanks for the great Hawaii pictures.
A beautiful place for two beautiful people. Glad you had fun!
Wonderful photos of wonderful memories for you and Pat! I love the last shot, and the one with the full moon. Sucks to have to leave there I bet!
I love the pics, especially the last one of the two of you. The first pic looks like it had some rain clouds in it. Did it rain?
Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with all your blogger friends. Some of us live vicariously through your beautiful pictures.
That last one should be framed and hung in a favorite spot in your home.
Best wishes always,

catmoma J.
Hi Dick, beautiful photo's of your lovely the others, love the photo of the lovers with the sunseting in the backgound on the beach. take care enjoy the rest of your holiday...
I lived in Hawaii for 8 years, and we went to many luaus, but only one that was put on for tourists. I was there when It became a state and that was a celebration to remember!
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