Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Photoshop Elements play- a panarama photo

I got into my new version of Photoshop Elements today to try doing something that Jude from Edmonton Alberta pointed out to me that would be interesting. She took the two photos that I had posted earlier of the crater at the top of Mt. Haleakala and stitched them together to make one wide or panorama type photo. I thought I'd look through the photos I have from there and give the new version 6 with it's improved stitching of photos feature a try and this is what I came up with:

Haleakala panarama 1- 6 inch wide
This is made up of three original photos that have been combined into one. If I printed it at it's original 300 dots per inch it would make a photo 33 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. I figured I would have to reduce it a bit in order to fit it into my blog and hope that I guessed about the right amount. I'll find out when I check the blog after I finish this post.

The process of making it was very easy and I'd recommend to anyone that they try the process. It sure makes a different photo from what the original looked like and makes it a lot easier for the viewer to get the overall picture. I know there are other programs available to stitch photos- the one used by Jude is different. PSE v6 has made quite an effort to improve their process and I'd say it is very easy- the computer does most of the work.

Our sunroom is still in it's 15 packages. No one has shown up to start to do anything in the way of assembling it. At this point I'd guess nothing will happen until after at least Christmas Day and probably until after New Years Day. We are starting to think of it as our phantom sunroom. I don't think I would recommend that anyone use the company that we did if they want a sunroom, unless you just want a phantom one. They do that well.

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Wow Dick that picture turned out just fabulous! :)

I've got Photoshop Elements 3, I haven't ever looked to see if it even has a stitch program, I just use "Autostitch" (free program) and it's easy as pie.

That's too bad about your phantom sunroom, are there phantom people to sit in it too? ;)

Mmmm, Hawaii!

Hi Dick, Beautifull Panaramic view.
the photo stich program came with my camera but havent downloaded Camera program, im happy just putting the card in the printer and putting pics to computer, may try it after holiday season over,,,
I wish you and Pat the most wonderful Christmas and New year...
That was a beautiful photo. I have seen panorama shots before but you'd never even know that was. As you said, for some photos, a single view doesn't begin to show what is there.
you always take great shots and Pat is really good herself , but this program brings it to a different level !

I really enjoy all your Post Dick and esp the pics with details , thanks for sharing and I would like to wish you and Pat a Merry Christmas and happy, healthy newyear.Keep up the Blogging , and Take care .

Happy Holidays
I love your photography! You capture the beauty....but where is Pat in this one?
You two have a very Merry Christmas!!
Pat is the smart one who was inside the observation building that is at the right side of this photo. The wind is pretty strong up there and the temp was only in the 50s, so it was cold. Of course we were in shorts (me) and a dress (Pat) since it was in the upper 80s down near sea level where we spent most of our time. I couldn't get clear photos through the glass windows from inside.
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